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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 10X more-likely if low vitamin D in first trimester – July 2022

Vitamin D Deficiency During the First Trimester of Pregnancy and the Risk of Developing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Nazlı Nur AslanÇin. MedihaYalçinHülyaYardimci https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jogn.2022.06.038   behind a $25 paywall

Objective: To investigate the relationships among various factors that affect serum vitamin D levels and vitamin D in the first trimester and the risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM).

Design A prospective cohort design.

Setting The family health center of Ankara, Turkey. Participants

Out of 889 pregnant women who participated in the study in the first trimester (6–13 weeks gestation), 814 participated in GDM screening in the second trimester (24–28 weeks gestation).

We determined serum vitamin D levels, demographic data, various biochemical and anthropometric parameters, and factors that affect vitamin D synthesis of participants in the first trimester and used logistic regression analysis to analyze the effects of the associations among vitamin D deficiency and the other variables on the occurrence of GDM.

Vitamin D deficiency in the first trimester was present in 425 (82.5%) participants. In the second trimester, 198 participants (24.3%) were diagnosed with GDM through oral glucose tolerance test screening. We detected GDM in the second trimester in 5.7% of participants who had vitamin D deficiency in the first trimester. Even after adjustment for vitamin D intake, clothing style, and duration of exposure to the sun, the risk of GDM was significantly greater in participants who were vitamin D deficient than those who were not deficient. The risk of GDM among women with vitamin D deficiency was sustained or increased significantly after we adjusted for age, parity, prepregnancy body mass index, history of diabetes, triglyceride levels, vitamin D intake, clothing style, and length of sun exposure, OR = 10.60, p < .001, 95% confidence interval [2.82, 39.76].

Conclusions: Our results suggest that vitamin D deficiency in the first trimester may significantly increase the risk of developing GDM.

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