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Topical Vitamin D

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Hepatitis C drug is extremely expensive, why not try Calcidiol (semi-processed vitamin D) - May 2014

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Less intestinal cancer in mice if add vitamin D, but even less with ultraviolet light – June 2014

Vitamin D deficiency 4X more likely in Italian teens if: dark skin, winter, obese, little sun, or use sunscreen – June 2014

Every patient with rheumatoid arthritis had low vitamin D, severity was proportional to degree of deficiency – June 2014

Vitamin D levels around the world - DSM review June 2014

Gestational Diabetes reduced with 50,000 IU of vitamin D every 3 weeks and daily Calcium – RCT June 2014

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Hypothesis: increased bone mineral density needs protein, Ca, Mg, Vitamin D and K

Schizophrenia increased 40 percent for Spring births after Danes stopped vitamin D fortification – April 2014

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Getting Vitamin D into your body

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Vitamin D intervention increased by 20 percent the survival of critically ill patients- RCT June 2014

Vitamin D supplementation improves muscle strength in healthy adults – meta-analysis of 6 RCT Aug 2014

Chronic pain in seniors associated with low levels of active, not measured vitamin D (strange)– Aug 2014

Low-level antibiotics causes weight gain in mice (and most mammals) – Aug 2014

Many other anti-cancer photoproducts generated on the skin in addition to vitamin D – Jan 2014

Restless Legs Syndrome dramatically reduced by vitamin D, etc

Off topic: CDC deleted a 3X increase in black male autism due to vaccination – whistle blowing Aug 2014

Vitamin D levels of seniors restored with 50,000 IU weekly for 8 weeks – April 2014

Seniors need at least 4,000 IU vitamin D, no test needed – Consensus Jan 2014

Diabetic inflammation reduced by Calcium and 50,000 IU of vitamin D in 8 weeks – RCT 2014

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ICU survival increased with vitamin D single 540K IU loading dose - JAMA Sept 2014

Respiratory Tract Infection visits 2.5 less likely with vitamin D: Pregnancy 2000 IU, Infant 800 IU – RCT Oct 2014

Vitamin D may protect against Ebola

Brazillian petition to permit high vitamin D doses for autoimune diseases – Aug 2014

3X more kids were vitamin D deficient when entering UK hospitals than 4 years before – Oct 2014

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Pure North (Calgary) improves health by raising vitamin D to 60 ng

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