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3X more kids were vitamin D deficient when entering UK hospitals than 4 years before – Oct 2014

Tripling in children suffering Vitamin D deficiency Telegraph

Unfortunately the article does not give the source of the information

  • Official figures show that 4,638 children admitted to NHS hospitals in 2013/14 were found to be suffering a Vitamin D deficiency, compared with 1,398 cases in 2009/10.

Note: UK considers low vitamin D to be < 10 ng/mL

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Only half as many people had >30 ng of vitamin D 16 years later
Ginde 2009 - see also the journal article

2X increase in % of Canada children 6-11 who are deficient

More Canadians became deficient  at is.gd/ncWVdh

Some of the reasons why


The huge decline in vitamin D levels make a farse out of vitamin D studies which span 10 to 20 years

The studies almost always assume that the vtiamin D levels are a constant in the population.
When, in reality, the vitamin D levels are constantly falling.