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  1. Allergic reactions to Insect sting decreased by topical Vitamin D (frequent)
  2. Helicobacter pylori infection protection by the body’s increasing Vitamin D receptors – Nov 2013
  3. Inflammation reduced by Vitamin D (cell study, not body) – systematic review Nov 2015
  4. Inflammatory blood markers (CRP, white blood cells) vary with Vitamin D level– Jan 2017
  5. Inflammation and Vitamin D several studies
  6. Inflammation markers associated with less than 10 ng of Vitamin D – Feb 2014
  7. Inflammation and Vitamin D – Calton dissertation – July 2017
  8. Joint replacement infection associated with low vitamin D – April 2014
  9. Is Vitamin D an antioxidant – more studies needed – Oct 2018
  10. Hypothesis: Vitamin D deficiency is due to malfunctioning renin angiotensin system – Jan 2013
  11. Hypothesis – vitamin D will decrease chronic inflammation and fatigue – Oct 2010
  12. Oxidative stress to DNA prevented by Vitamin D (H2O2, rats) – Jan 2019
  13. Off topic: Get 3.8X more carotenoids (anti-inflammation) when salad is eaten with eggs – June 2015
  14. Red blood cell count 65 percent more likely to be too high if low Vitamin D – Oct 2017
  15. Smoke Inflammation reduced by vitamin D (COPD in lab) – Sept 2019
  16. Sepsis in first year of life is much more likely if preterm (low Vitamin D) – May 2017
  17. Urinary tract infection in children strongly associated with low vitamin D – Feb 2015
  18. 100 percent of rheumatoid arthritis patients with very low vitamin D had very severe RA – Jan 2013
  19. 300,000 IU of vitamin D2 reduced inflammation markers (cytokines and chemokines) – Sept 2013
  20. Acute pancreatitis in dogs is associated with low vitamin D (lowest D equals death) – Aug 2017
  21. Anti-inflamatory cytokines increased when vitamin D levels were raised above 30 ng – RCT
  22. Arthritis inflammation in rat cells worse with low level of vitamin D – March 2011
  23. At birth, lower levels of vitamin D associated with higher levels of inflammation – Jan 2017
  24. Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema - many studies
  25. Atopic dermatitis worse for those with low vitamin D – Nov 2010
  26. Atopic Eczema might be helped by Vitamin D – Review May 2015
  27. Autoimmunity and vitamin D – review Jan 2013
  28. Autoimmunity, T Cells and vitamin D: A chemical network analysis – May 2013
  29. Carpal tunnel syndrome and low vitamin D
  30. Chronic Pancreatitis associated with painful bones (vitamin D) – meta-analysis July 2013
  31. Chronic pancreatitis associated with somewhat lower levels of vitamin D – meta-analysis July 2016
  32. Colon cancer – how vitamin D prevents and treats it – Nov 2014
  33. Critically ill patients with low vitamin D were 13X more likely to have a lot of mitrocondrial DNA in blood – Sept 2014
  34. Dermatologists still not convienced that Vitamin D reduces atopic dermatitis – Review Dec 2013
  35. Diabetics with severely low vitamin D had more inflammatory cytokines – Oct 2014
  36. Eczema 25 percent more likely if low vitamin D– July 2013
  37. HIV inflammation markers associated with vitamin D less than 10 ng – Jan 2013
  38. Inflammation reduced when vitamin D supplementation raised level higher than 32 ng – meta-analysis May 2017
  39. Inflammation reduction through diet: Omega-3 etc. Feb 2014
  40. Inflammation, infection, active vitamin D, and Olmesartan - Sept 2014
  41. Inflammation is reduced by each of the following: Vitamin D, Omega-3, Diet
  42. Inflammation of middle eye (Anterior Uveitis) 3 times more likely if low vitamin D – Dec 2016
  43. Inflammation or surgery or heart attack decreases measured vitamin D levels – Mar 2011
  44. Inflammation
  45. Inflammation (CRP) 3X higher in Winter-Spring neonates with low vitamin D – Nov 2015
  46. Inflammation and Vitamin D in Chronic Kidney Disease – May 2013
  47. Kidney Inflammation: both prevented and reduced by Vitamin D – review Jan 2014
  48. Inflammatory bowel diseases treated with vitamin D – Review May 2014
  49. Inflammatory bowel disease, Vitamin D, and immunity – Oct 2016
  50. Increasing vitamin D level in blood failed to decrease Fatty Liver inflammation – RCT Aug 2014

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