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Treat autoimmune diseases with high-dose vitamin D – Germany online Aug 24, 25 2019

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Presentations (some % are re-runs of 2018)

Overview autoimmune diseases Prof. Dr. King, Magdeburg
Vitamin D and Immune System (ENGLISH - repeat of 2018) Dr. Holick, Boston - USA
Vitamin D receptor functions and vitamin D sensitivity Prof. Dr. Carlsberg, Kuopio - Finland
High doses vitamin D therapy - Protocol and results
(ENGLISH - repeat of 2018 )
Prof. Coimbra, São Paulo - Brazil
Implementation of Coimbra protocol for patients Chr. Kiening, Gräfelfing
Autoimmune diseases and the second evolution of man Prof. Dr. med. Spitz, Schlangenbad / Wiesbaden
Integrative therapy for autoimmune diseases Prof. Dr. Ionescu, Neukirchen
Autoimmune diseases of the skin Prof. Dr. Amon, Hohenstadt
Therapeutic alternatives in autoimmune diseases Dr. Lemke, Heidelberg
Laboratory methods for autoimmune diseases PD Bender, Munich
Micronutrients in autoimmune diseases Uwe Gröber, eating
Hashimoto's thyroiditis as autoimmune systemic disease Prof. Dr. Schomburg, Berlin
Eco-Psychosomatics: The influence of the forest on our immune system Dipl.-Ing. Arvay, Vienna - Austria
Stress and autoimmunity Prof. Dr. med. Wolf, Ulm
Physical activity and immune system Dr. Dr. Rooms, Cologne
Autoimmune diseases of the bowel / fecal; transplantation Dr. Vehreschild, Cologne
The effect of singing and music on the immune system Dipl.-Psych. Wunnenberg, Scheidegg
Omega 3 fatty acids in autoimmune diseases Dr. med. Schmiedel, Baar - Switzerland
Synopsis and Prospects Prof. Dr. med. Spitz, Schlangenbad

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See also VitaminDWiki

Comparing High-dose vitamin D therapies
Vitamin D and autoimmune diseases – Sept 2019
Vitamin D and the Immune System – chapter Aug 2019
Many autoimmune diseases associated with low vitamin D or poor Vit D genes – July 2019
Successful high dose vitamin D (Coimbra Protocol) should be evaluated – June 2019

Autoimmune category starts with

See also web: consensus that ~50 diseases are autoimmune, ~50 more are suspected:

Items in BOTH categories Autoimmune and Vitamin D Receptor are listed here:

Multiple Sclerosis in VitaminDWiki

Overview MS and vitamin D contains the following summary
Clinical interventions have shown that Vitamin D can prevent, treat, and even cure Multiple Sclerosis, at a tiny fraction of the cost of the drugs now used to treat it, and without side effects.

Summary: lack of consensus on how much to prevent, treat, or cure MS.

Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D - book by patient on Coimbra protocol - Feb 2016 contains protocol description
Vitamin D Protocol used by Dr. Coimbra for Multiple Sclerosis etc.
Snips as of April 2016 http://www.vitamindprotocol.com/dr.-coimbra-s-ms-protocol.html

  • 1,000 IU's vitamin D per kilogram as a first approximation
    (apparently increased/decreased depending of resulting vitamin D blood level)
  • Vitamin B2, magnesium glycinate, boron, chromium picolinate, Omega 3 DHA, Zinc, Methylcobalamin form of B12, Choline, etc.
  • Lack of B12 may affect 10%–15% of the general population and may be the most prevalent genetic risk factor for several human diseases
  • Discontinue eating or drinking dairy products or calcium enriched foods or beverages, also no Ca supplements
  • Drink as least 2.5 liters [85 ounces] of fluids, preferably water
  • Required Tests:​ Vitamin D, Parathyroid, Blood calcium, urinary calcium

Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D - book by patient on Coimbra protocol - Feb 2016 contains Facebook Groups

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