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Hospital ICU added high dose vitamin D - malpractice lawsuit costs dropped from 26 million dollars to ZERO - Oct 2016

A Short Essay: High Dose Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Critically ILL Trauma Patients

Medical Research Archives, Vol. 4, Issue 7, November 2016 http://dx.doi.org/10.18103/mra.v4i7.868
L. Ray Matthews, M.D., FACS 1, Yusuf Ahmed, M.D. 2, Keren Bashan-Gilzenrat, M.D. 1, Jonathan Nguyen, M.D.1, Adatee Okonkwo, M.D. 1, Diane Dennis-Griggs, NP 1, Nekeisha Prayor, NP 1, Kenneth Wilson, M.D., FACS 3
Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA 1;
Sidra Medical and Research Center, Doha, Saudi Arabia 2;
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, East Lansing, MI 3

''Note: F.A.C.S. = Fellow of the American College of Surgeons'; NP = Nurse Practitioner'

6, 200 trauma patients from 1995-2016

1995-Feb 2007 3 malpratice suits cost the trauma unit $26 million
2007-2008Vitamin D loading dose was implemented for all trauma patients
2007-2016 $0 malpractice suits

Email by Dr. Mathews Nov 2016
"In the United States, a quick Google search states that only about 1 in 3,500 hospital patients files a malpractice lawsuit. In almost a decade, we have treated over 7,000 patients without a lawsuit to put it in patient numbers and a 3% mortality rate in 2015. That’s zero dollars paid out in malpractice lawsuits/claims over the past decade. Thirty percent (30%) of our trauma is penetrating which is very high with many victims being shot multiple times. Grady Memorial Hospital is also one of the busiest Level 1 trauma center in the United States."

"Hospitals and insurance companies can save billions of dollars by using high dose vitamin D to reduce

  • hospital mortality rates,
  • hospital length of stay,
  • medical errors,
  • malpractice lawsuits, and
  • overall hospital costs."

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A quote from the study

  • "The cost of medical malpractice lawsuits in the United States is running approximately $55.6 billion a year in direct cost, says a Harvard School of Health study. Add another $50 billion in lost work productivity"

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Hospital ICU added high dose vitamin D - malpractice lawsuit costs dropped from 26 million dollars to ZERO - Oct 2016        
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