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High-dose Vitamin D for Multiple Sclerosis is OK while pregnant – Sept 2019

Facebook – Michael Cawley
The doses of Vitamin D3 for my MS patients during pregnancy ranges from 44,000 iu - 70,000 iu per day.
All mothers delivered healthy babies and labor was free of complications i.e no pre eclampsia. no birth defects, no autism etc.
Although MS relapses are very common in the 6 months after pregnancy , not one patient using "Personalized Vitamin D3" suffered a relapse.

A Concern about high-dose Vitamin D during pregnancy - Founder of VitaminDWiki

  • For almost century it has been known that the enviroment during pregnancy programs the child as to what to expect.
  • I am concerned that high dose vitamin D during pregnancy might program the child;s genes for a high-D environment.
  • If so, the high-dose child would need higher doses of vitamin D than other children.
    • That would be OK.

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Personalized Vitamin D treatment of Multiple Sclerosis - Michael Cawley
Vitamin D has treated Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune diseases for 16 years – Coimbra April 2018
Includes 10,000 IU during pregnancy

10,000 IU normally
Raise head 22 days 90 days
Start to speak 2.5 months12 months
Count to 20 18 months24 months
Learn foreign language 36 months ??

Video shows infant raising head @ 22 days old
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