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High-dose vitamin D improves health (presentation) - Aug 30, 2021

High-dose Vitamin D Supplementation Improves Health (Presented in Rome, August 30, 2021)

IV International Vitamin D Mediterranean Congress Grand hotel Flora, Rome
Dr. Grant

Some of the titles

  • In June some Europeans get more solar UVB than others. In December no European gets enough UVB to make vitamin D.
  • Solar UVB as a Source of Vitamin D
  • Breast Cancer Mortality Rates, 1995-77 [Garland, 1992]
  • VITAL Vitamin D RCT, Harvard [Manson, NEJM, 2019]
  • SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19
  • Intervention Studies
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes incidence was reduced by 80% from 25(OH)D of <30 to >50 ng/ml
  • History of Serum 25(OH)D Concentration Recommendations
  • Intervention Studies with High-dose Vitamin D3 with Good Results

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Session I: Preclinical data Chair: A. Teti

  • Histological aspects of vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency - A. Corsi
  • Vitamin D receptor polymorphism among Emirati females: exploring the link with osteoporosis in the context of genomics and biomechanics - F. Ai Anouti
  • Update on the role of vitamin D in intestinal health - H. Fakhoury

Session II: UVB, sunscreen and supplementation
Chairs: C. Marcocci - N. Napoli

Chair: R. Nuti

  • An appraisal to the treatment of osteoporosis - G. Girasole
  • Evidence for the use of vitamin D with denosumab - A. Giusti
  • Evidence for the use of vitamin D with zoledronic acid - F. Bertoldo

Session VI: Vitamins
Chair: S. Minisola

  • Calcidiol - M.L. Brandi
  • Calcitriol - S. Mazzaferro
  • Vitamin D and regulatory agencies - G. Mazziotti

Session III: Vitamin D and non-skeletal outcomes - Chair: S. Gonnelli

  • Vitamin D and lung cancer - E. Castanas
  • Lessons from recent clinical trials - S. Minisola
  • Vitamin D and cardiovascular diseases - J. Pepe

Session IV: Vitamin D and Endocrine Disorders Chairs: L. Gennari - I. Chiodini

  • Vitamin D and osteomalacia - D.S. Rao
  • Vitamin D and primary hyperparathyroidism - A. Scillitani
  • Preoperative administration of vitamin D for the prevention of hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy: what have we lined so far? - S, Karras
  • Hypoparathyroidism: Vitamin D or not? - C. Cipriani
  • Diabetes mellitus and calciotropic hormones: an intriguing association - K. Kotsa
  • Vitamin D and male fertility - S. Migliaccio

Symposium “Calcifediol in real life” - Chairs: M.L. Brandi - S. Minisola

  • The rational for using 25(OH)D for treating low calcifediol levels - A. Catalano
  • Calcifediol treatment: an Italian and Europan perspective - L. Cianferotti
  • Calcifediol once-monthly and Italian regulatory agencies - A. Gaudio
  • Calcifediol and COVID - C. Ruggiero

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