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  1. Poor menstrual cycles 2X more likely if poor vitamin D levels - many studies
  2. Postmenopausal women should supplement vitamins C D K and Calcium – June 2010
  3. Yeast Infection and Vitamin D
  4. Risk of early menopause reduced 17 percent by a modest amount of vitamin D – May 2017
  5. Weak bones (Osteopenia) in 93 percent of women in Pakistan attending University and wearing Islamic clothes – March 2017
  6. Less risk of pelvic flood disorders when vitamin D greater than 30 ng– April 201r
  7. Age of Menarche and menopause - latitude affect 2001.pdf
  8. 2400 IU raised both black and white women to 40 ng of vitamin D – RCT 2013
  9. 2X increased chance of anemia (low iron) associated with low vitamin D – Sept 2013
  10. 2X less urinary incontinence in senior women when vitamin D greater than 30 ng– April 2010
  11. 4 cups of coffee increases risk of fracture - meta-analysis 2014
  12. Age of menopause increases if add vitamin D or UVB
  13. ALL of the top 10 health problems of women are associated with low vitamin D
  14. All older women need vitamin D supplementation to get to even 20 ng (results of modeling) – May 2018
  15. An Exploratory Study of Postpartum Depression and Vitamin D - May 2010
  16. Autoimmune diseases occur more often in women than men
  17. Autoimmune disorders associated with low vitamin D during pregnancy – Nov 2019
  18. Bacterial vaginosis reduced 10 times by 2,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT June 2015
  19. Being on “the pill” increases low vitamin D levels by about 20 percent – Sept 2013
  20. Benefits of Omega-3 plus Vitamin D were additive – RCT Sept 2021
  21. Blood in urine of postmenopausal women 1.6X more likely if low vitamin D – May 2019
  22. Calcium and vitamin D appear to be among the few ways to prevent ovarian cancer – 2010
  23. CDC vitamin D statistics for women: including blacks and high BMI – March 2012
  24. Cervical lesions (precancerous, identified by pap smear) treated by bi-weekly 50,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Feb 2017
  25. Chinese women in tropics needed 50,000 IU of Vitamin D monthly to keep above 30 ng – RCT May 2017
  26. Coronary Artery Disease 2.9 X more likely in postmenopausal women if Vitamin D deficient – March 2020
  27. Coronary Heart Disease 3 times more likely if endometriosis before age 40 (vitamin D not mentioned) – March 2016
  28. Dairy improved bones of senior women – if they also had enough vitamin D – Jan 2019
  29. Death of women from cancer 24 percent less likely if 20 ng more vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2013
  30. Depression 13X more likely with polycystic ovary syndrome if low vitamin D – Sept 2015
  31. During basic training white females decreased vitamin D but non-whites increased – Aug 2012
  32. Dysmenorrhea substantially reduced by Ginger, just 1,000 IU Vitamin D also helped – RCT Nov 2019
  33. Early puberty in girls 60 percent more likely if less than 32 ng of vitamin D – Aug 2017
  34. Endometriosis 24 percent less likely if high predicted vitamin D level – Feb 2013
  35. Endometriosis treated by Vitamin D (50,000 IU bi-weekly) – RCT Jan 2021
  36. Endometriosis treated, and perhaps prevented, by vitamin D
  37. Endometriosis, Endometrial Cancer, and poor Vitamin D or Receptor – Aug 2018
  38. Endometriosis: 2.7 X more likely if with low vitamin D (trend of 9 studies)– meta-analysis May 2020
  39. Estradiol, vitamin D, Omega-3 – RCT Feb 2019
  40. Estrogen contraception pill doubled the response to 1,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Sept 2017
  41. Every one of top 10 female health problems is associated with low Vitamin D
  42. Excess body hair in women (hirsutism): not much evidence that vitamin D helps – June 2014
  43. Female Athlete health problems may be due to lack of vitamin D and Iron – July 2012
  44. Female mortality predicted better by vitamin D than by C-Reactive Protein – Dec 2013
  45. Fertility problem (PCOS) reduced by vitamin D: many studies
  46. Half of Women Over 50 Desperately Need This Potent Nutrient (Vitamin D) – April 2018
  47. Heart Disease 40 percent more likely in women having poor Vitamin D Binding Protein – Sept 2017

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