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Autoimmune diseases occur more often in women than men

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Numbers at the top of the columns = number of cases (x 1,000,000) in the US.

  • “The sex disparity in MS mirrors that seen in many autoimmune disorders. “
  • “For example – 80% female
    autoimmune thyroiditis,
    systemic lupus erythematosus, and
    Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Overall, nearly 80% of autoimmune diseases disproportionately affect women (Gleicher and Barad, 2007).
  • “Scientists have explained this trend by pointing out that female sex hormones stimulate inflammatory pathways, which can exacerbate autoimmune conditions.”

Note: apprently there is a big reduction during pregnancy - the pregnant body is very careful to not reject the fetus
There is, for example, less MS while pregnant and breastfeeding

Why Women Get More AutoImmune Diseases Aug 2015



See also VitaminDWiki

Dr. Coimbra - very high dose Vitamin D for most autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune category starts with

See also web: consensus that ~50 diseases are autoimmune, ~50 more are suspected:

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