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  1. Inhaling Vitamin D nanoemulsion through nose gets lots more to the brain (mice) – July 2020
  2. Resveratrol improves health (Vitamin D receptor, etc.)
  3. 100 mg more Magnesium in water associated with 8 percent reduction in stroke – Feb 2012
  4. 50 percent fewer strokes with vitamin D, even though ignored dose size – meta-analysis March 2012
  5. 5X fewer hip fractures from Parkinson – Alzheimer – Stroke with enough sun – June 2011
  6. 80 percent recent increase in Strokes following pregnancy - July 2011
  7. Acute ischemic stroke 19 percent more likely if even lower vitamin D – Sept 2013
  8. ALL of the top 10 health problems of women are associated with low vitamin D
  9. Better outcome following Ischemic stroke if injected with 600,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Feb 2017
  10. Blacks with strokes having low Vitamin D were 3 times more likely to have cognitive impairment – Nov 2016
  11. Blood clotting (Thrombosis) is associated with low Vitamin D (yet again)
  12. Both Spinal cord injury and stroke with one side disabled have similar low levels of vitamin D – April 2016
  13. Cardiovascular Disease and vitamin D – no proof yet – Sept 2015
  14. Cardiovascular Diseases and Vitamin D – Review Feb 2015
  15. Cerebral small vessel disease 2.5 X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – Sept 2018
  16. Cerebrovascular disease 40 percent less likely if high level of vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2012
  17. Cognitive impairment after stroke increased if Vitamin D deficient - Dec 2018
  18. Death after Ischemic Stroke 2.5 X more likely if less than 10 ng of Vitamin D – May 2019
  19. Death within 2 years of surviving an ischemic stroke 10X less likely if high vitamin D – July 2017
  20. Deep Vein Thrombosis during stroke rehab was 4.7 X more likely if low vitamin D – July 2018
  21. Depression following a stroke is 2.7 X more likely if low vitamin D – Sept 2018
  22. Depression is associated with stroke if low vitamin D or winter – Nov 2018
  23. Fewer white spots in MRI brain scans if had more vitamin D – Jan 2014
  24. Following a stroke, 10 ng less vitamin D associated with 2X more white matter hyperintensities – Nov 2014
  25. Following a stroke, a hip fracture is 6X more likely if low vitamin D – July 2001
  26. Following strokes, brain scans (MRI) 3X worse in those having low vitamin D – July 2018
  27. Half the number of bleeding strokes if have lots of vitamin D (male rats) – Feb 2019
  28. Improved recovery from ischemic stroke with Vitamin D (300,000 IU injection) – RCT June 2018
  29. Increased health problems in blacks is similar to that of low vitamin D whites (John Singleton Stroke)
  30. Intracranial arterial calcification in 85 percent of ischemic strokes (Vitamin K and Vitamin D should help) – Oct 2017
  31. Ischaemic stroke – Vitamin D doubled survival (Injection and 60,000 IU per month) – RCT Aug 2016
  32. Ischaemic Stroke has less impact in animals supplemented with Omega-3 – Jan 2018
  33. Ischemic stroke 17 X more likely if low vitamin D – April 2017
  34. Ischemic stroke 2X more likely if Vitamin D Receptor gene problem – Dec 2014
  35. Ischemic Stroke 3X more likely if Vitamin D Receptor gene change (Fok 1) – Jan 2014
  36. Ischemic stroke and low vitamin D – 3X higher risk of poor outcome, 6 X higher risk of a second stroke, Oct 2017
  37. Ischemic Stroke risk best predicted by Vitamin D, including PTH improves the prediction – Feb 2017
  38. Ischemic Stroke risk reduced by 2.5 if have good level of vitamin D – meta-analysis Feb 2018
  39. Ischemic Stroke with low vitamin D resulted in larger lesions – May 2015
  40. Large vessel Ischemic Stroke 13 X more likely if low vitamin D – Nov 2017
  41. Links between Vitamin D Deficiency and Cardiovascular Diseases – April 2015
  42. Low vitamin D at time of stroke predicts 3 X more likely to die in a month (unless add Vit D) – Dec 2017
  43. Low vitamin D is a risk factor for vascular diseases in African Americans - Aug 2012
  45. Major heart problems avoided if have high vitamin D – 234,000 people Nov 2015
  46. Migraines double the risk of strokes (both are associated with low vitamin D) – Jan 2018
  47. Moderate and severe strokes 2X associated with low vitamin D – 2012
  48. Much higher death rate 10 years after TIA – Nov 2011 – vitamin D might help
  49. No longer depressed, but risk of stroke is still 1.7X higher (did not consider low vitamin D) – May 2015
  50. Omega-3 and Vitamin D each treat many mental health problems - April 2018

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