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Most COVID patients had sticky blood platelets (Omega-3 helps) - Dec 2021

Massive image-based single-cell profiling reveals high levels of circulating platelet aggregates in patients with COVID-19

Nature Communications volume 12, Article number: 7135 (2021)
Masako Nishikawa, Hiroshi Kanno, Yuqi Zhou, Ting-Hui Xiao, Takuma Suzuki, Yuma Ibayashi, Jeffrey Harmon, Shigekazu Takizawa, Kotaro Hiramatsu, Nao Nitta, Risako Kameyama, Walker Peterson, Jun Takiguchi, Mohammad Shifat-E-Rabbi, Yan Zhuang, Xuwang Yin, Abu Hasnat Mohammad Rubaiyat, Yunjie Deng, Hongqian Zhang, Shigeki Miyata, Gustavo K. Rohde, Wataru Iwasaki, Yutaka Yatomi & Keisuke Goda

A characteristic clinical feature of COVID-19 is the frequent incidence of microvascular thrombosis. In fact, COVID-19 autopsy reports have shown widespread thrombotic microangiopathy characterized by extensive diffuse microthrombi within peripheral capillaries and arterioles in

  • lungs,
  • hearts, and
  • other organs,
    • resulting in multiorgan failure.

However, the underlying process of COVID-19-associated microvascular thrombosis remains elusive due to the lack of tools to statistically examine platelet aggregation (i.e., the initiation of microthrombus formation) in detail. Here we report the landscape of circulating platelet aggregates in COVID-19 obtained by massive single-cell image-based profiling and temporal monitoring of the blood of COVID-19 patients (n = 110). Surprisingly, our analysis of the big image data shows the anomalous presence of excessive platelet aggregates in nearly 90% of all COVID-19 patients. Furthermore, results indicate strong links between the concentration of platelet aggregates and the severity, mortality, respiratory condition, and vascular endothelial dysfunction level of COVID-19 patients.
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Platelet aggregates, a marker of severe COVID-19 disease - Oct 2020

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Omega-3 reduces Platelet aggregation (many studies)

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Aspirin also reduces Platelet aggregation (many studies of Aspirin and COVID)

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