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  1. Semi-activated Vitamin D given weekly (used by Spanish COVID-19 trial) – US patent application Sept 2020
  2. Poorly functioning livers do not process vitamin D (Calcidiol is needed) – Sept 2014
  3. Getting Vitamin D into your body
  4. Response to weekly Calcifediol in 4 months - RCT Aug 2022
  5. Weekly response to semi-activated vitamin D slightly better than standard – RCT Nov 2019
  6. Fast-acting vitamin D to be produced for humans (not just animals) – Jan 2021
  7. Is HyD (25(OH)D) a better form of vitamin D for some animals and maybe humans with liver problems
  8. Calcidiol may be 5X more effective than Vitamin D3 – June 2012
  9. 130% more piglets after giving gilt Calcidiol, a form of vitamin D – Nov 2012
  10. 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 suppresses hepatitis C virus production – Oct 2012
  11. Calcifediol (25(OH)D3) may be 4 X better than Vitamin D for fortification – Aug 2018
  12. Calcifediol (Calcidiol) might be a better form of Vitamin D for some people – May 2019
  13. Free-range chicken eggs have at least 3X more vitamin D – Oct 2013
  14. Mussels may have an equivalent of 2,000 IU of Vitamin D per 100 grams – Dec 2016
  15. Oral calcidiol is a good form of vitamin D supplementation – Aug 2017
  16. Pigs have about 2X less variation in response to calcidiol as humans do to vitamin D – 2015
  17. Vitamin D levels might be raised very quickly
  18. Vitamin D3 becomes Calcidiol which becomes Calcitriol
  19. Vitamin D from animal increases 6X when consider that already processed by animal livers
  20. COVID-19 defeated by calcifediol form of Vitamin D in Spain - pilot RCT Aug 29, 2020
  21. Cows gave more milk after pregancy if given Calcidiol (semi-activated Vitamin D) – RCT March 2021
  22. 5X less likely to enter ICU with COVID-19 if get Calcifediol (semi-activated vitamin D) - RCT Feb 19, 2021
  23. Need 3X more Vitamin D (or take semi-activated vitamin D) if have poor gut – small RCT May 2021
  24. Calcidiol
  25. Liver transplant needs Vitamin D (actually semi-activated, not regular) – May 2017
  26. Calcidiol increased blood levels of Vitamin D in one month (dogs) – Feb 2021
  27. Calcifediol is superior to cholecalciferol (it mainly acts faster) – RCT June 2021

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