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Vitamin D levels might be raised very quickly

Quickly raising Vitamin D levels has been proven to
     Save lives,    Reduce pain,    Reduce ICU & hospital time/costs

Proven ways which take 2 days & possible ways which might take 2 hours
Proven to raise vitamin D levels in 2 days with a single injection of standard vitamin D into muscle
Possibly faster if inject into multiple locations at the same time
Possibly faster if inject multiple times over a 3 day period
Possibly faster if inject near to trauma location (exploiting local paracrine and autocrine activation)

Intravenous - possible
Inject directly into blood (should be faster than injection into the muscle)

Oral Loading dose
Proven to raise Vitamin D levels in 3-5 days
150,000 IU seem to respond in 1 day
@ http://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=6054

Topical loading dose near trauma site
Vitamin D is quickly absorbed thru the skin and becomes activated locally, without needing liver and kidney
Apply as a spray or liquid
DMSO might speed it up
Nanoemulsion appears to be good

Sublingual loading dose
20-30 sprays of 6,000 IU per spray - under the tongue, inside cheek
Standard form - nanoemulsion may be much faster

Which form should be used when?
Oil-based and Water-based forms probably have similar response times
Semi-activated (Calcidiol) - probably get benefits sooner - perhaps 12 hours

  • Calcifediol soft capsules US Patent application]
  • Image
  • Note: In many countries Calcidiol is available only by prescription - which can take many days

Fully-activated (Calcitriol)- probably get benefits sooner

  • probable prescription delay as above

Nanoemulsion swished in the mouth or topical appears to create a response in just a few hours
Magnesium might speed-up the healing
The body requires Magnesium during 8 stages of Vitamin D processing
Having an adequate level of Magnesium might speed up processing
A majority of people are low in both Magnesium and Vitamin D
Magnesium injections have been routine in hospitals for decades
Should consider giving Magnesium as an injection or orally when getting emergency Vitamin D

Non-emergency - raise the vitamin D level in a week or so
Scheduled surgery
Chronic pain/health problem which wants to be treated in days, not months
Pregnancy - many fetal deaths and infant problems can be avoided if have good level of vitamin D during the 1st trimester, vsthe 2nd trimester
Future? spray vitamin D during surgery
I anticipate that Vitamin D will be applied to many body tissues in future surgeries
As of 2017 topical Vitamin D has improved tooth transplants in dogs
Future: Other transplants, spinal cord surgery, wounds, sutures, bone healing. . .
   perhaps even have suture thread covered with Vitamin D

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