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  1. AI: Exciting opportunity for Vitamin D Researchers
  2. D Minder: Vitamin D calculator for Smartphones and iPad
  3. How to predict response to a vitamin D dose – RCT April 2014
  4. 30 percent of variation of vitamin D levels were associated with just 3 variables – March 2013
  5. Estrogen contraception pill doubled the response to 1,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Sept 2017
  6. Excellent prediction of very low vitamin D in elderly from just 16 questions (analyzed by ML) – June 2017
  7. How you might double your response to vitamin D
  8. Higher air pollution associated with 7 ng lower vitamin D levels – Aug 2013
  9. Genes account for less than 18 percent of variation in vitamin D levels – Jan 2013
  10. Free Vitamin D evaluation service
  11. Magnesium may not be as available if have low stomach acid (seniors)
  12. Children 41X more likely to be vitamin D deficient if both parents were deficient – Dec 2018
  13. 200 IU needed to increase vitamin D levels by 1 ng (not 100 IU) – summary of 25 studies – Feb 2014
  14. 10 reasons for poor response to Vitamin D (race, binding protein, etc.) – Nov 2017
  15. Autistics have half of the response to Vitamin D (perhaps poor gut) – RCT Oct 2018
  16. Gene differences can result in 14 ng difference in vitamin D levels– Feb 2014
  17. Magnesium Deficiency Reduces Vitamin D Effectiveness- Sept 2011
  18. Jordanian women vitamin D – 16 ng if Western Dress – 12 ng otherwise – Aug 2011
  19. Redhead – Red hair - vitamin D
  20. Poor responses to UV and Vitamin D were correlated to just 4 poor genes – June 2019
  21. 4700 IU of vitamin D needed by most seniors – an equation -July 2014
  22. Excessive clothes and being indoors results in very low vitamin D levels – Nov 2011
  23. Global analysis of disability - most are associated with vitamin D deficiency - Lancet Dec 2012
  24. Increasing the ratio of mono to poly fats increased Vitamin D levels by 6 ng – RCT Aug 2011

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