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  1. No correlation noticed between Head and Neck Cancer and vitamin D - June 2010
  2. Obesity was a better predictor of endocrine cancer than 30ng vitamin D
  3. 2 X better survival of digestive cancer if 2,000 IU of Vitamin D plus good VDBP gene – RCT Feb 2020
  4. 2X more likely to survive a form of esophageal cancer in China if have good vitamin D receptor – Feb 2017
  5. 2X more Thyroid Cancer malignancy if less than 15 ng of vitamin D – June 2012
  6. 3X higher risk of oral cancer if CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 genes were different – May 2012
  7. 500 Head and neck cancers – higher survival if higher vitamin D – Nov 2016
  8. 5X less risk of Kidney cancer if good ratio of Vitamin D binding protein to circulating vitamin D – Nov 2013
  9. A poor Vitamin D Receptor is associated with many cancers (oral cancer in this case) – Jan 2019
  10. Blacks are more obese, have lower Vitamin D, and have more Cancer etc. than whites – Feb 2018
  11. Blood cell cancer is associated with a 3X worse Vitamin D Receptor – June 2019
  12. Bone tumors much more likely to be malignant if low Vitamin D – Aug 2017
  13. Brain cancer in 175 countries related to low UVB and low vitamin D – Oct 2010
  14. Breast and Liver Cancers statistically associated with low vitamin D (Japan) – March 2018
  15. Cancer - Other
  16. Cancer of glands (Adenocarcinoma) associated with 2X lower vitamin D levels – Aug 2013
  17. Cancers and Vitamin D Council
  18. Cervical lesions (precancerous, identified by pap smear) treated by bi-weekly 50,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Feb 2017
  19. Digestive track Cancer (poorly differentiated) death 4X less likely if 2,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Oct 2019
  20. Digestive tract cancer death rates reduced a bit by a bit of vitamin D – RCT April 2019
  21. Endometrial cancer and vitamin D – controversy
  22. Endometriosis, Endometrial Cancer, and poor Vitamin D or Receptor – Aug 2018
  23. Esophageal Cancer 40 percent less likely in parts of UK with more sun (vitamin D) – Feb 2018
  24. Esophageal cancer clinical trial to see if 50000 IU vitamin D weekly well help – Oct 2010
  25. Esophageal Cancer surgery helped by 300,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Sept 2018
  26. Eye cancer and UV – Review of controversy – Sept 2013
  27. Gastric Cancer 2.7 X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor (Chinese) – 2015
  28. Gastric Cancer 8.8 times more likely if low vitamin D – Sept 2016
  29. Gastric Cancer patients with more vitamin D more likely to live– Feb 2012
  30. Gastrointestinal Cancers - mostly positive Vitamin D studies – May 2019
  31. Glioma (brain, spinal cancer) 40 percent less likely if male vitamin D levels were high 15 years earlier – Aug 2015
  32. Head and Neck cancer associated with low vitamin D, adding Vitamin D to cancer cells looks promising – July 2018
  33. Head and Neck Cancer associated with low vitamin D, especially with blacks - April 2012
  34. Increased risk of various cancers if poor vitamin D genes (Binding Protein and CYP27B1) - Sept 2019
  35. Kidney cancer 22 percent less likely if high vitamin D – meta-analysis Nov 2015
  36. Kidney Cancer 4X more likely if poor Vitamin D Binding Protein (5X in previous study) – Oct 2019
  37. Liver, Liver Cancer, and Vitamin D – Feb 2018
  38. Molecular Link between Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention – Oct 2013
  39. Multiple Myeloma (blood cell cancer) treated by vitamin D - many studies
  40. Omega-3 reduced by 4X the interruption of Cervical Cancer chemotherapy due to toxicity – RCT June 2019
  41. Oral cancer risk and vitamin D status, intake, and supplementation - review May 2013
  42. Osteosarcoma grows more slowly when there is enough vitamin D – Dec 2011
  43. People taking Vitamin D far more likely to be disease free after esophageal cancer surgery – Dec 2016
  44. Sore mouth due to cancer therapy (oral mucositis) substantially reduced by daily 1,000 IU of vitamin D – June 2017
  45. Thyroid Cancer 1.3X higher risk if low vitamin D (yet again) – meta-analysis June 2018
  46. Thyroid Cancer 1.4 X higher risk if low vitamin D– meta-analysis Feb 2018
  47. Thyroid Cancer 1.9 X more likely if poor gene to generate Vitamin D from the sun (DHCR7) – July 2019
  48. Thyroid Cancer rate has increased 3X in 3 decades, Vitamin D Receptor decreases, Calcium increases – Aug 2017
  49. Vitamin D and Risk of Rarer Cancers – Jan 2013
  50. Vitamin D levels very low for some childhood cancers, then got lower – Sept 2012

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