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Lower Magnesium, 6 percent more COVID - Feb 2022

Populations in Low-Magnesium Areas Were Associated with Higher Risk of Infection in COVID-19’s Early Transmission: A Nationwide Retrospective Cohort Study in the United States - Feb 2022

Nutrients 2022, 14(4), 909; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14040909
by Jing Tian 1,†,Liwei Tang 1,2,3,†ORCID,Xinwei Liu 1,Yulan Li 4,Jinghong Chen 1,Weiren Huang 5,6,7,* and Min Liu 1,2,5,*ORCID

Many studies have confirmed the important roles of nutritional status and micronutrients in the COVID-19 pandemic. Magnesium is a vital essential trace element that is involved in oxidative stress, inflammation, and many other immunological functions and has been shown to be associated with the outcome of COVID-19 infection. Here, we conducted a nationwide retrospective cohort study in the United States involving 1150 counties, 287,326,503 individuals, and 5,401,483 COVID-19 confirmed cases as of 30 September 2020 to reveal the infection risk of the populations distributed in low-magnesium areas in the early transmission of COVID-19. Our results indicate that the average county-level COVID-19 cumulative incidence in low-magnesium areas was significantly higher than in the control areas. Additionally, a significant negative nonlinear association was found between environmental magnesium concentration and the county-level COVID-19 cumulative incidence. Furthermore, the populations distributed in low environmental magnesium areas faced a

  • higher COVID-19 infection risk (RR: 1.066; CI: 1.063–1.068), among which
  • females (RR: 1.07; CI: 1.067–1.073), the
  • 0–17 years subgroup (RR: 1.125; CI: 1.117–1.134), the
  • 65+ years subgroup (RR: 1.093; CI: 1.087–1.098),
  • black people (RR: 1.975; CI: 1.963–1.986),

populations outside metro areas, and counties with a smaller population experienced higher risk of infection by COVID-19 than other subgroups.
Considering that the magnesium intake of about half the population of the United States is below the daily required dose, our study will contribute to the creation of long-term public health strategies to help protect against COVID-19.


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US Map of low Magnesium in soil

Magnesium In Soil VDW5116
from: https://nutri-mg.com/importance-of-magnesium/
Comment by VitaminDWiki - it seems that most foods consumed are not grown/raised locally: frozen, canned, dried, packaged, bananas. pinapples, oranges, grapes, seafood,

<2 mg of Mg per liter in tap water - vs RDA = 400 mg

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Lower Magnesium, 6 percent more COVID - Feb 2022        
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