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Less than 10 dollars of Vitamin D per COVID-19 life saved in Myanmar - Jan 2021

Informal intervention trial in Myanmar - Dr. Khin Win

1200 Buddhist monks and nuns in COVID-19 quarantine center were given water containing

  • 40,000 IU of vitamin D
  • 50 mg of zinc
  • 2 grams of vitamin C
  • 60 billion Probiotics.

only 1 person died (mortality rate = 0.07%)

The overall COVID-19 mortality rate in the country is steady at 2.1%

$56 of Vitamin D + misc. other ingredients conservatively saved the lives of 6 of those 1200 people
   about $10 of vitamin D per life saved

The doctors in that country (as well as most other countries) do not believe in such large doses of Vitamin D
The Buddhist monks were not constrained by doctors beliefs

People in Myanmar are placed in quarantine centers if they test positive for COVID-19
The Buddhists have their own quarantine center (s?)
The Vitamin D water was given to every Buddhist in the quarantine center. not just given upon entry to the center

A total of about 300 people were tested for vitamin D levels both before and after.
The initial level varied: mostly around 12-18 ng/mL
  However, those monks who had gone out for alms (with head, shoulders, and feet exposed to the sun) had ~40ng/mL.

The vitamin D water given was based on a proposal by Vitamin DWiki

To reduce costs, the more expensive ingredients were not included

In 2019 she had used Vitamin D to treat and prevent Leprosy in several places in Myanmar

Vitamin D is treating and preventing Leprosy in Myanmar (Burma) - April 2019

She also gave Vitamin D in first half in 2021 and will be going again in Sept 2021

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