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Hypothesis: 2 long-haul COVIDs: had mild symptoms and had needed ICU - April 2022

Two Long Covid Groups - April 24, 2022

In Research Gate
I (Patrick W Chambers) decided to expand my Long Covid, Short Magnesium - Chambers April 2022 (preprint article) to include the below.
Discussion has been limited to Long Covid in the non-hospitalized. But there appear to be two kinds of Long Covid, both vitamin D/magnesium deficient - white middle aged women who contracted Covid-19 but were never hospitalized and those with comorbidities who were.
Those that developed Long Covid more than 12 weeks after discharge from the ICU (severe not mild Covid-19) appear to be a different group. In addition to low IFN gamma, TGF beta (transforming growth factor) is elevated[1]. TGF beta inhibits IFN gamma[2] and is elevated in diabetics, especially those with nephropathy[3] and in hypertensives[4].
TGF beta is also elevated in POTS, which shares some dysautonomic features with Long Covid[5] and is treated with Losartan[6]. Vitamin D deficiency has also been implicated in autonomic dysfunction[7]. Elevated TGF beta also connects CFS/ME with Long Covid[8,9]. High levels of TGFB1 are associated with hard to treat asthma attacks, fibrosis in organs such as the liver/kidney/lungs[10] and autoimmunity.
The elevated TGF beta in CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), which overlaps with Long Covid, can be lowered with losartan[11].
Ang II induces TGF-ß expression via AT1Rs[12] and is treatable by angiotensin receptor blockers[13,14] (in addition to vitamin D and magnesium). Chronic vitamin D deficiency induces lung fibrosis through activation of the RAS[15].

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