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COVID was associated with low Vitamin D or Zinc – umbrella review Feb 2023

Micronutrient perspective on COVID-19: Umbrella review and reanalysis of meta-analyses

Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr . 2023 Feb 15;1-19. doi: 10.1080/10408398.2023.2174948
Yafei Xie 1 2 3, Jianguo Xu 1, Dan Zhou 2, Mingyue Guo 2, Mengxiang Zhang 2, Ya Gao 1 4, Ming Liu 1 4, Jiyuan Shi 5, Kelu Yang 6, Qingyong Zheng 7, Liang Zhao 7, Yu Qin 1, Rui Hu 8, Jia Wei 9, Junhua Zhang 10, Jinhui Tian 1 3

Introduction: Micronutrients are clinically important in managing COVID-19, and numerous studies have been conducted, but inconsistent findings exist.

Objective: To explore the association between micronutrients and COVID-19.

Methods: PubMed, Web of Science, Embase, Cochrane Library and Scopus for study search on July 30, 2022 and October 15, 2022. Literature selection, data extraction and quality assessment were performed in a double-blinded, group discussion format. Meta-analysis with overlapping associations were reconsolidated using random effects models, and narrative evidence was performed in tabular presentations.

Results: 57 reviews and 57 latest original studies were included. 21 reviews and 53 original studies were of moderate to high quality. Vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc, selenium, and ferritin levels differed between patients and healthy people.
Vitamin D and zinc deficiencies increased COVID-19 infection by 0.97-fold/0.39-fold and 1.53-fold.
Vitamin D deficiency increased severity 0.86-fold, while low vitamin B and selenium levels reduced severity.
Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies increased ICU admission by 1.09 and 4.09-fold.
Vitamin D deficiency increased mechanical ventilation by 0.4-fold.
Vitamin D, zinc, and calcium deficiencies increased COVID-19 mortality by
0.53-fold, 0.46-fold, and 5.99-fold, respectively.

Conclusion: The associations between vitamin D, zinc, and calcium deficiencies and adverse evolution of COVID-19 were positive, while the association between vitamin C and COVID-19 was insignificant. REGISTRATION: PROSPERO CRD42022353953.

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