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  1. 10 Reasons Why Sun Is Good for Our Health – 2007
  2. 50,000 IU of vitamin D monthly in winter gets most above 20 ng – RCT Nov 2013
  3. A few Vitamin D Overviews summaries
  4. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has 4X faster decline if severely low Vitamin D – Nov 2013
  5. Athletes need at least 40 ng of vitamin D – literature review Oct 2012
  6. Best of VitaminDWiki
  7. Consumer reports does not understand that RDA is not the Upper Limit for vitamin D – Sept 2012
  8. Do not expect your doctor to know about vitamin D
  9. Far more vitamin D publications than other vitamins - Sept 2012
  10. Factors (including skin temperature) Influencing Vitamin D Status – 2011
  11. FDA raised Vitamin D to 800 IU (now to be designated as 20 micrograms) July 2016
  12. Goal of VitaminDWiki - Improve Global Health
  13. Here’s an idea: have computer add vitamin D to appropriate prescriptions – Feb 2013
  14. Health professionals: about 10X more were using Vitamin D, fish oil, folic acid by 2006 – March 2014
  15. Holick interview by Mercola on Vitamin D – Dec 2015
  16. Life extension and health improvement: Calico (Google) and perhaps Vitamin D
  17. Let's bring back Vitamin D
  18. Kaiser Health News wrote a damning article about Dr. Holick and Vitamin D, NYT published it – Aug 2018
  19. Hypothesis: Dyslexia and low vitamin D - early 2013
  20. Hypothesis: Vitamin D would decrease alcohol problems – July 2013
  21. Hypothesis - Vitamin D is also activated, stored, and degraded in tissues (autacoid) – Sept 2019
  22. Humanitarian award given to GrassrootsHealth for promoting Vitamin D – Nov 2016
  23. MRI fields might reduce vitamin D – May 2013
  24. Most read pages on VitaminDWiki
  25. More than Half in U.S. Have Chronic Health Problem (almost all are related to low vitamin D) -Dec 2016
  26. More than half of the top richest US lobbys are Health related
  27. Might Vitamin D be the fountain of youth – June 2013
  28. Many hints that vitamin D megadoses cure some diseases
  29. Many problems with Vitamin D entry in Wikipedia
  30. Off topic: Low salt is actually bad for you - IoM reversal Summer 2013
  31. Obama - vitamin D is probably his only supplement - June 2014
  32. People are noticing Vitamin D - June 2014
  33. People are starting to notice the importance of Vitamin D
  34. Roles of Vitamin D in 11 diseases
  35. Pharmacists have an opportunity to promote vitamin D – March 2013
  36. Rare diseases hit fewer than 1 in 1500 people, but 1 in 12 people have a rare disease (vitamin might D help)
  37. Question – I have a health problem associated with low vitamin D – should I take Vitamin D
  38. Restless legs and growing pains may be both due to low vitamin D – Sept 2013
  39. Review of Vitamin D recommendations and knowledge – Oct 2013
  40. the 'Panacea' of the sun - Vitamin D Oct 2012
  41. Take the supplement of the astronauts
  42. Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health – June 2015
  43. Strong association to other vitamin D deficiency diseases - 12 years in UK July 2013
  44. Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol) had a vitamin D deficiency – Dec 2013
  45. Top 20 vitamin D papers for 2013
  46. US Gov. meeting in DC on Vitamin D – Evidence-based decision making - Dec 2014
  47. UN invited Dr. Matthews to speak about Vitamin D in both Sept and Oct 2018
  48. Vitamin D - Facts and Myths
  49. "Free Range Lard" has lots of vitamin D and is good for you
  50. 1.9 X more likely to die if very low vitamin D – June 2014

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