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  1. Chart of Vitamin D levels vs race - April 2013
  2. More Cancer, less Solar Radiation - 1941
  3. Pressure Ulcers (bed sores) 1.87 more likely if vitamin D less than 25 ng – 2011
  4. Vitamin D can inhibit enveloped virus (e.g. Corona, Herpes, Zoster, Epstein, Hepatitis, RSV) – March 2011
  5. Both Vitamin D and Vitamin C fight cancers and aid anticancer drugs – May 2018
  6. Concealing clothing often results in low vitamin D levels (Sikh children in this case) – Aug 2021
  7. Fibromyalgia pain substantially reduced by weekly Vitamin D (50,000 IU) – June 2018
  8. How often might 50,000 IU vitamin D be taken - results of clinical trials
  9. Vitamin D loading dose (stoss therapy) proven to improve health
  10. Second miscarriage associated with low vitamin D – review June 2018
  11. 4,000 IU of Vitamin D is OK - 19 organizations agree - 2018
  12. Vitamin D Myths - SUN
  13. Vitamin D Myths - DOSE
  14. VitaminDWiki had a booth at Vitamin D Workshop May 2019
  15. Nanoemulsion Vitamin D may be a substantially better form
  16. Reasons for Low Vitamin D and what to do
  17. Vaccine passports expire in 6 months in Israel, but not (yet) in the US - Oct 2021
  18. Vitamin D Loading doses quickly and safely raise levels – meta-analysis Dec 2021
  19. Obese lost more weight on diet if added 50,000 IU of vitamin D weekly – many RCTs
  20. 3 to 55 X more likely to have these health problems if low Vitamin D
  21. Omega 3 increased by 60 percent the ACTIVE vitamin D in the blood – many studies
  22. Poor responses to UV and Vitamin D were correlated to just 4 poor genes – June 2019
  23. Vitamin D from animal increases 6X when consider that already processed by animal livers
  24. Vitamin D might a risk factor of insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, etc. (50 ng) – Oct 2021
  25. French recommended 200,000 IU of Vitamin D to stop COVID-19 - Jan 2021
  26. Lung Cancer is up to 7 X more deadly if poor vitamin D genes – Oct 2021
  27. COVID, influenza, hepatitis B, measles, etc. vaccine responses vary with Vitamin D and its receptor
  28. Pop quiz: What is the percentage decrease in deaths by a Vitamin D increase of 10 nmol
  29. Florida A.G. recommends Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin, etc. to reduce risk of COVID - Dec 12, 2021
  30. 16,000 Physicians and Scientists Agree Kids Shouldn’t Get COVID Vaccine - Dec 15, 2021
  31. Benefits of Vitamin D often limited by genes
  32. Treatments for 303,000 COVID-19 patients: vitamin D is both popular and over-the-counter – May 2021
  33. What can Vitamin D learn from Baby Aspirin
  34. Strong association of non alcoholic fatty liver disease and low vitamin D
  35. COVID-19 doctors not allowed to use treatments that work - Dr McCullough Video and transcript May 2021
  36. Rickets cured for 3 months with 10,000 IU per kg vitamin D (600,000 IU max) – Sept 2012
  37. Vitamin D is needed for human fertility – goal is 50 ng – Sept 2018
  38. The lungs can activate vitamin D locally – a Vitamin D inhaler may help lungs – Aug 2016
  39. 14 X less likely to have severe COVID if previously had more than 40 ng level of Vitamin D – Feb 2022
  40. Osteoporosis, periodontal and other diseases share a risk factor – low vitamin D – March 2022
  41. Brain scans noticed changes in most elderly after COVID infection – March 2022
  42. Cluster Headaches treated by high-dose Vitamin D, etc. (interview and transcript) - Feb 2022
  43. Epstein-Barr virus increases risk of Multiple Sclerosis by 32X - Jan 2022

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