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  1. 229 genes and vitamin D - Aug 2010
  2. 229 genes VDR binding fold enrichment - Aug 2010
  3. Non-responders to Calcium and vitamin D had certain genes - Aug 2010
  4. genome wide association of vitamin D April 2010.pdf
  5. Genome-wide association study of vitamin D April 2010
  6. Genetic and environmental determinants of vitamin D status - comment June 2010
  7. Increased risk of diabetes if have poor Vitamin D genes – Dec 2020
  8. 3X higher risk of oral cancer if CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 genes were different – May 2012
  9. Oral Cancers - increased risk if low vitamin D or poor vitamin D genes
  10. Vitamin D appears to keep telomeres long (longer life) – Jan 2021
  11. Telomeres (which extend life) appear to be extended by Vitamin D - March 2015
  12. Telomeres in boys were 2.5% longer if 9 ng higher vitamin D – July 2018
  13. Low Vitamin D in blood is associated with 69 genes, only 6 of which are reported on - Feb 2020
  14. Alzheimer’s is associated with all 7 of the genes which restrict vitamin D from getting to tissues – Sept 2018
  15. COVID-19 lung infection upsets Vitamin D genes (so more or different form of Vit D is required) - Dec 22, 2020
  16. Higher risk of pulmonary tuberculosis if any of 3 vitamin D genes are poor – April 2021
  17. 2 Genes make AMD 6X more likely if low vitamin D - Aug 2015
  18. 2,776 vitamin D receptor binding sites - April 2014
  19. 40 percent less likely to get adequate vitamin D response if have certain genes – Jan 2013
  20. 5.8 X more likely to die in 15 year followup if low vitamin D and poor methylation – July 2018
  21. 600 mg of Calcium and a gene increases probability of Prostate Cancer by 50 pcnt – Nov 2012
  22. 8 genes associated with both Alzheimer’s and lowish Vitamin D – May 2019
  23. 98 pcnt of genes that Vitamin D activates to reduce MS are also activated by Interferon -May 2013
  24. Activation (methylation) of CYP2R1 and CYP24A1 predict response to dose of vitamin D – Oct 2013
  25. Acute Coronary Syndrome is associated with poor Vitamin D genes (CYP27B1, CYP24A1) – Nov 2019
  26. Afib increase by 3X for the 1 in 16 people having poor genes (example of health problem) – Aug 2018
  27. Asthma related to vitamin D by 4 plausible genes – Nov 2013
  28. Asthma strongly associated with modification in vitamin D genes
  29. Autoimmune risk gene ZMIZ1 is associated with both MS and Vitamin D – Jan 2017
  30. Benefits of Vitamin D often limited by genes
  31. Blacks may not need as much Vitamin D (for their bones)
  32. Body may change gene activation if more Vitamin D is needed by tissue (Schiz. in this case) – Oct 2018
  33. Brain cells can probably activate Vitamin D without liver or kidney (at least in rats) – Sept 2017
  34. Brain may deal with all forms of Vitamin D (rat brain) – Sept 2017
  35. Breast cancer and Vitamin D receptors, CP27B1, and CYP24A1 – Sept 2010
  36. Breast Cancer far more likely in the sister having poor Vitamin D binding protein or poor CYP2R1 gene – March 2018
  37. Breast Cancer rate reduced 72 percent by vitamin D gene polymorphism CYP24A1 – Nov 2014
  38. Calcium problems associated with CYP24A1 (a Vitamin D gene) – Oct 2017
  39. Cancer treatment by Vitamin D sometimes is restricted by genes – Oct 2018
  40. Colon cancer 30 percent more likely if problems with Vitamin D genes CYP24A1 or CYP27B1 – Nov 2015
  41. Colon cancer more likely in blacks due to differences in Vitamin D genes (wonder if more Vitamin D would help) – May 2014
  42. Colorectal cancer – need more vitamin D if you have certain genes – Aug 2013
  43. Colorectal Cancer risk increases when genes reduce the vitamin D levels – Aug 2019
  44. Common Vitamin D gene variants and resulting diseases – Jan 2013
  45. Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Vitamin D includes genes and questions – July 2014
  46. COVID-19 cytokine storms perhaps better stopped by the CYP11A1 Vitamin D pathway – Aug 11, 2020
  47. CYP24A1 enzyme and Vitamin D
  48. CYP24A1 gene in cancer cells may actually remove vitamin D from the blood – Oct 2012
  49. CYP24A1 gene mutation is a cause of rare infant vitamin D toxicity – Aug 2011

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