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  1. Calcitonin hormone works in opposition to Calcitriol – Dec 2017
  2. Calcitrol was as effective as Vitamin D analogues, and 17X less costly – May 2012
  3. Get active vitamin D by eating Solanum Glaucophyllum leaves – Sept 2013
  4. Vitamin D and calcidiol are not hormones, but calcitriol is a hormone – Aug 2014
  5. Active vitamin D appears to treat cancer – more studies needed – June 2018
  6. Active Vitamin D level should not be used for Prospective Studies of Cancer – Aug 2018
  7. Active vitamin D levels can be temporarily raised 80 percent with Boron – US Patent Mar 2016
  8. Active form of vitamin D directly protects the blood–brain barrier in multiple sclerosis – Aug 2017
  9. Activated vitamin D (Calcitriol) substantially reduced elderly blood pressure in 6 weeks – Oct 2016
  10. Breast Cancer inhibited by Vitamin D and Calcitriol – mouse studies provide insight – Aug 2015
  11. Calcitriol
  12. Calcitriol (active Vitamin D) recommended after kidney transplant – March 2014
  13. Cancer treated better when active vitamin d (calcitriol) is inside of PLGA nanoparticles – June 2015
  14. Chronic Kidney Disease study not aware of appropriate forms of vitamin D – March 2014
  15. Colitis treated by activated vitamin D getting into the colon via emulsion (mice) – July 2018
  16. Colorectal cancer radiation reduced 2X by calcitriol (Vitamin D) with some genes – Aug 2013
  17. How active vitamin D (Calcitriol) deals with cancer – June 2015
  18. MSG induces weight gain in female rats not supplemented with active vitamin D – April 2017
  19. Magnesium reduced calcitriol (active vitamin D) artery calcification in CKD by 50 percent – Oct 2015
  20. Low active vitamin D increases chance of adult death by 50 percent in Japan – April 2017
  21. Not as much active vitamin D if poor kidney function and low vitamin D – March 2015
  22. Nano-encapsulated of Vitamin D3, Calcidiol, calcitriol look promising, esp time release – Dec 2012
  23. Pre-cursor of active vitamin D made from plants is better than calcitriol – Sept 2012
  24. Some plants accumulate Vitamin D3 or active Vitamin D3 (calcitriol) – Dec 2018
  25. Time-release form of active vitamin D granted a patent for chronic kidney disease – July 2014
  26. Active vitamin D associated with Metabolic Syndrome and LDL in colon cancer patients– March 2015
  27. Active Vitamin D (Calcitriol) reference ranges, why too high is a problem– April 2015
  28. Calcitriol, not inactive vitamin D, associated with pain in seniors – Aug 2014
  29. Chronic Kidney Disease (stage 3) slowed by 30 ng of Vitamin D and Calcitriol – Dec 2019
  30. Genes which regulate active vitamin D worsen with age – Oct 2016
  31. Kidney disease helped by active or high dose Vitamin D - Feb 2014
  32. Kidney failure – still debating what form of vitamin D to use – April 2016
  33. Natural Ways to Increase Calcitriol and Activate The Vitamin D Receptor Gene – Oct 2017
  34. Post stroke Calcitriol injections reduced edema and cell death (in rats) – Nov 2017
  35. Solanum glaucophyllum (a purple flower) produces active vitamin D3
  36. Active Vitamin D reduces Ovarian Cancer stem cells growth by 4X (via Vitamin D receptor in lab rat) – March 2018
  37. Active form of vitamin D (calcitriol) cut in half the fractures following organ transplant – meta-analysis Aug 2011
  38. Overview Kidney and vitamin D
  39. Omega 3 increased by 60 percent the ACTIVE vitamin D in the blood – Aug 2012
  40. Getting Vitamin D into your body
  41. Inflammation and immune responses to Vitamin D (perhaps need to measure active vitamin D) – July 2017

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