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  1. Concealing clothing worn by Christian Orthodox monks result in low vitamin D (9 ng) – Nov 2018
  2. Allergies and low vitamin D strongly associated with night shift bakers– Sept 2014
  3. 40 percent lower vitamin D level if work other shifts (Italy) – June 2015
  4. Employers should give night shift workers free vitamin D – GMB Union June 2019
  5. Groups associated with less than 20ng vitamin D – NHANES Jan 2011
  6. IoM voted for 20 ng of vitamin D – a member hints at 30 ng – March 2012
  7. Children in Mongolia helped by 800 IU of Vitamin D (need a lot more) – RCT Oct 2019
  8. Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic
  9. Endocrine Society recommend higher vitamin D levels – June 2011
  10. If at high risk of vitamin D deficiency, get a higher response if take more Magnesium – Sept 2013
  11. Redhead – Red hair - vitamin D
  12. Overview Obesity and Vitamin D
  13. Overview Dark Skin and Vitamin D
  14. Cancer patients at high risk of vitamin D deficiency were not tested as often (paradoxically) – July 2014
  15. Both parents smoke – child’s vitamin D level was 30 percent lower and worse asthma – May 2018
  16. Disadvantaged get less sun and have poor health in the North– Aug 2011
  17. Excessive clothes and being indoors results in very low vitamin D levels – Nov 2011
  18. Concealing clothing resulted in only 8 ng vitamin D – Feb 2011
  19. Burkas reduce vitamin D levels, which causes pregnancy problems – Oct 2015
  20. People who get little noon-day sun must supplement with Vitamin D – systematic review June 2017
  21. Overview Pregnancy and vitamin D

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