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Employers should give night shift workers free vitamin D – GMB Union June 2019

GMB Union

GMB Union has 620,000 members in the UK

Night shift workers should be provided with free Vitamin D by bosses to keep them healthy, GMB congress has said.

A motion passed by GMB’s Annual congress today (June 11, 2019) calls for supplements for ‘night workers who rarely get enough sunshine to produce it naturally’.

Whilst there's no intention to make this mandatory, or to force workers to take anything that they don't want to, a little prevention can make a huge difference, and in this case that has to be good news for everyone.

Dan Shears, GMB Health and Safety Director

The GMB should use all its influence to work with employers for the use of Vitamin ‘D’ supplements, and as it is a welfare issue, provide access to them in the workplace.

A recent medical study on almost 80,000 suggests vitamin D could cut the risk of dying from cancer.

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