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10 Groups Are More Prone To Vitamin D Deficiency - 2017

These 10 Groups Of People Are More Prone To Vitamin D Deficiency

Prevention Magazine Sept 2017
Lots of details in the article

  1. Adults over 55 (less D generated by the sun)
  2. Office workers
  3. People with darker skin
  4. Inflammatory bowel disease patients
  5. Vegans and vegetarians
  6. People with a high body fat percentage
  7. People taking certain medications
    • " Corticosteroid medications such as prednisone.... weight-loss drugs like orlistat ..., and the cholesterol-lowering drug cholestyramine ..."
  8. People who have constant joint and muscles aches
  9. People suffering from Depression
  10. People who suffer from chronic Headache

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Those at high-risk of being Vitamin D deficient will require about 1.5X more vitamin D to restore their levels
Those who are at risk due to being obese need about 2X more vitamin D to restore their levels

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