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  1. Acute Migraine 35 times more likely if low Magnesium levels – May 2016
  2. Childhood migraine in Vitamin D deficient children reduced 6X by addition of daily 5,000 IU and amitriptyline – April 2014
  3. Children with headaches had less vitamin D – Oct 2017
  4. Chronic migraine headaches 1.4 X more likely with low vitamin D – July 2018
  5. Cluster headaches substantially reduced by 10,000 IU of Vitamin D in 80 percent of people
  6. Dark skin people in Norway 2X more deficient and have 3X more headaches if low on vitamin D – July 2010
  7. Fewer headaches and other benefits of higher vitamin D – Jan 2017
  8. Headache
  9. Headache 20 pcnt more likely if low vitamin D, even after adjusting for vitamin D problems – Nov 2012
  10. Headaches (chronic tension) 3X more likely to have low vitamin D – also muscle weakness and bone tenderness – May 2017
  11. Headaches 3 X as often if Obese – March 2018
  12. Headaches helped by Vitamin D in 7 studies – Jan 2020
  13. Headaches related to latitude and season – perhaps vitamin D - May 2010
  14. Headaches vary with latitude and season and perhaps vitamin D as well -May 2010
  15. Hypothesis - Dysfunction of Autonomic Nervous System is associated with low vitamin D – April 2017
  16. Hypothesis– Chronic headache and musculoskeletal pain both result from low vitamin D – Oct 2013
  17. Iranian children and youths with low vitamin D have many health complaints – Jan 2021
  18. Magnesium in Healthcare (Rickets, Stones, Pregnancy, Depression, etc.) with level of evidence – Sept 2017
  19. Migraine and Vitamin D
  20. Migraine headache 5X less likely if optimal level of vitamin D – Oct 2018
  21. Migraine Headache association with poor gut – Feb 2020
  22. Migraine headaches cut in half by 4,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Sept 2018
  23. Migraine headaches quickly reduced with Magnesium – Meta-analysis Jan 2016
  24. Migraine headaches reduced with 50,000 IU vitamin D weekly – RCT July 2015
  25. Migraine headaches treated by Vitamin D – meta-analysis Jan 2021
  26. Migraines double the risk of strokes (both are associated with low vitamin D) – Jan 2018
  27. Migraines in youths with low Vitamin D wonderfully treated by Vitamin D – June 2019
  28. Migraines may be due to lack of lack of Magnesium in half of sufferers – May 2012
  29. Migranes not reduced by those having a fraction of a nanogram more vitamin D (no surprise) – Jan 2014
  30. Pain not reduced by vitamin D (only used 1,000 IU) - RCT Dec 2014
  31. Vitamin D and Migraine – Nov 2010
  32. Why Do Multiple Sclerosis and Migraine Coexist – Jan 2020
  33. Widespread pain, arthritis pain and muscle pain are associated with low vitamin D – meta-analysis March 2018
  34. Comparing High-dose vitamin D therapies
  35. Headache with vitamin D may mean you need Magnesium

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