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  1. Fructose consumption over 30 years - 2009
  2. Oral Contraceptive increase vitamin D - 1998
  3. Elderly vitamin D interactions
  4. Possible Vitamin D Interactions
  5. Drug interactions with vitamin D - July 2009
  6. Too much vitamin A has adverse effects on bones of chickens - Feb 2011.pdf
  7. Vitamin D and interactions Consumer Labs
  8. Hidden Risks and Dangers of the Marshall Protocol
  9. Who should and should not take vitamin D vitamin D council as formatted by Knox 2010
  10. side effects of vitamin D by vitamin D council as formatted by Knox 2010
  11. Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D
  12. Drug interactions with vitamin D
  13. PDR Health on side effects
  14. Side effect overdose and contraindications
  15. Reasons for low response to vitamin D
  16. DDT and other pesticides decrease vitamin D
  17. 4 cups of coffee increases risk of fracture - meta-analysis 2014
  18. 7 reasons to not take proton pump inhibitors ( try ginger instead) – Dec 2018
  19. Acid Reflux drugs decrease Vitamin D and Magnesium – Jan 2013
  20. Acne - Accutane - vitamin A - vitamin D and suicide - Nov 2010
  21. ADHD 2 X more likely if Tylenol used a lot during pregnancy (Autism increased too) – Dec 2016
  22. Air pollution associated with poor bone density (less vitamin D) – Nov 2017
  23. Air pollution, toxins, heavy metals and smoking each result in lower Vitamin D levels – Nov 2018
  24. Antidepressants might increase infertility and pregnancy problems – Nov 2012
  25. Antiretroviral (TDF) is yet another drug which reduces vitamin D levels – Aug 2013
  26. Arsenic in water is associated with lung problems if low vitamin D - 2019
  27. Asian men often smoke then die of lung cancer (if you must smoke, take Vitamin D) – meta-analysis March 2019
  28. Better response to Inflammatory Bowel Disease drug if more than 30 ng of vitamin D – March 2014
  29. BPA is a possible cause of obesity epidemic - Dr. Greger June 2019
  30. Breast Cancer aromatase therapy can cause sore tendons if low vitamin D – March 2015
  31. Cadmium liver problem 5 X less likely when vitamin D is greater than 40 ng – April 2018
  32. Carmel used to color some vitamin D gel caps may cause problems in some people
  33. Cell tower removed from school after 4 children and 3 teachers got cancer – March 2019
  34. Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs - 2 pages on Vit D
  35. Cooked dried beans or peas (pulses) reduce uptake of Vitamin D, Vitamin K by half – March 2019
  36. DDT 3.8 X more prevalent with Alzheimer disease (no mention that DDT decreases vitamin D) – Jan 2014
  37. Drug-induced bone loss: a major safety concern (Vitamin D can help) – Sept 2018
  38. Drug–Vitamin D Interactions, A Systematic Review – Jan 2013
  39. Drugs Deplete Magnesium
  40. Drugs that may harm bone (vitamin D needed) -April 2016
  41. Drugs which create a vitamin D deficiency
  42. Drugs which create deficiencies in Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, etc. – Sept 2017
  43. Enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drugs required 37 percent more IU Vitamin D to achieve 30 nanograms – Nov 2018
  44. Epileptics have problems with conception - Oct 2010

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