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  1. An update on vitamin D and human immunity – Oct 2011
  2. An update on vitamin D and human immunity – March 2012
  3. Antimicrobial implications of vitamin D – Oct 2011
  4. 3X more bio-markers of poor immune system (Antinuclear Antibodies) if low Vitamin D – Dec 2016
  5. 3X more colds by overweight who were low on vitamin D - April 2012
  6. 10X reactions to flu vaccine when vitamin D deficient
  7. Can Vitamin D Replace Flu Shots – WSJ Dec 2010
  8. CDC: Influenza vaccinations not expected to work well this year (but vitamin D should) – Dec 2014
  9. Bacterial infection in cows reduced with vitamin D – Oct 2011
  10. Elderly Influenza deaths do not increase in winter in countries with high vitamin D levels
  11. Ebola - tents probably faster and better than buildings - like in Spanish Flu
  12. Ebola, Vitamin D, and Calcium – Sept 22, 2014
  13. Epidemic influenza and vitamin D – 2007
  14. Fewer white blood cells needed to deal with infection when higher levels of vitamin D – Aug 2017
  15. Hypothesis: Leishmania parasitic infection can be reduced by Vitamin D – May 2015
  16. ICU Acinetobacter baumannii infection (Iraqibacter) is 2.5X more likely if low vitamin D – Oct 2013
  17. Flu Hits 14 year low, perhaps Vitamin D
  18. Journal on vitamins and hormones has several papers on vitamin D – 2011
  19. Inexpensive Trick to Cure a Cold - vitamin D - Mercola Nov 2010
  20. Influenza, solar radiation and vitamin D - 2009
  21. Influenzas – both seasonal and pandemic – increase in the winter (low vitamin D) – Dec 2010
  22. Infection panacea – vitamin D increases Cathelicidins – March 2014
  23. Infectious diseases and vitamin D – update May 2015
  24. Influenza Mortality not well modeled by vitamin D – Oct 2011
  25. Influenza not reduced by 2000 IU of vitamin D in health adults – Aug 2010
  26. Helicobacter pylori infection 11 X more likely if low vitamin D – meta-analysis Aug 2019
  27. Flu
  28. Antimicrobial peptides and proteins can be boosted by vitamin D, etc. – May 2014
  29. 7X less risk of influenza if Vitamin D levels higher than 30 ng (no shot needed) – Oct 2017
  30. Helicobacter pylori associated with low Vitamin D, treated much better if high Vitamin D
  31. Additional 4 ng of vitamin D reduced chance of infection by 7 percent – June 2011
  32. Antimicrobial peptides (which attack pathogens) are increased by Vitamin D
  33. 4.5X more likely to catch a cold if low sleep - hypothesis - due to low vitamin D
  34. Cardiovascular Diseases associated with both Vitamin D and innate immune system (TLR) – Oct 2017
  35. Child is 2 X more likely to get influenza if have older sibling (perhaps closely-spaced birth) – Sept 2017
  36. Assessing vitamin D in the central nervous system – July 2010
  37. Elderly taking extra vitamin D should expect fewer falls AND less flu – June 2011
  38. Exposing some blood to Ultraviolet light has treated various health problems, then antibiotics came along – April 2016
  39. Congenital Zika Syndrome (more than microcephaly) – Spring 2016
  40. Colds not decreased if people already vitamin D sufficient – RCT Oct 2012
  41. Cow, mouse, and human immune system and vitamin D – March 2012
  42. Hypothesis: antibiotic resistant bacteria can be controlled with vitamin D
  43. Immune modulation by Vitamin D, food allergy, chart of genes – July 2015
  44. Immune response was poor in mice and humans with low vitamin D and low vitamin A – May 2015
  45. Immune system and vitamin D (from kidney doctor’s point of view) – Feb 2014
  46. Immune system improvement by vitamin D is boosted by resveratrol and blueberries – Sept 2013
  47. Immune system is helped by vitamin D via dendritic cells – Sept 2015
  48. Immune System response of infants is associated with higher levels of vitamin D – RCT Nov 2014
  49. Food allergy 80 percent more likely if have certain genes and vitamin D deficient – Nov 2011
  50. Flu vaccine effectiveness and side effects

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