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  1. Cholesterol is needed to produce both Vitamin D and Cortisol
  2. Diet cholesterol not directly linked to heart problems – Mar 2011
  3. Fat Is My Friend - Jan 2018
  4. Less cholesterol in diet resulted in less vitamin D in blood (in mice) – Feb 2016
  5. Low vitamin D associated with lipids but uncertain if more D helps – May 2011
  6. Increased Vitamin D May Not Improve Lipid Levels – June 2012
  7. Cholesterol and vitamin D book - 2009
  8. Cholesterol reduced by Vitamin D plus Calcium – RCT March 2014
  9. Eating less cholesterol is harmless other than it causes vitamin D deficiency – June 2011
  10. High triglyceride and cholesterol associated with low vitamin D in postmenopausal women – Dec 2014
  11. Full-fat dairy reduced heart disease by 22 percent and stroke by 34 percent (136,000 people, 9 years) – Sept 2018
  12. Gut flora which reduce cholesterol have been patented - Sept 2014
  13. DHCR7 enzyme (gene) synthesizes cholesterol or vitamin D (when UVB is available) – paywall Sept 2016
  14. Cardiovascular disease predicted by CRP and vitamin D, not cholesterol – Feb 2012
  15. High cholesterol 70 percent more likely if low vitamin D with rheumatoid arthritis – Oct 2012
  16. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol is predictable from vitamin D levels – meta-analysis March 2012
  17. Kids have recently reduced both cholesterol and vitamin D – Aug 2012
  18. Low-dose statin plaque formation stopped by Omega-3 – RCT Dec 2017
  19. Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer's reduced by higher levels of Vitamin D – meta-analysis Feb 2018
  20. Cholesterol, Vitamins D3 and K2, heart disease, sulfates, LDL, – Masterjohn Interview Jan 2013
  21. A balanced diet is no longer enough – supplements needed - VitaminDWiki Oct 2012

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