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Omega-7 - in addition to Omega-3

7 facts about Omega-7 2011?

  1. Omega-7 fatty acids are a healthy form of trans- fat.
  2. Omega-7 fatty acids are not found in non-fat foods.
  3. The omega-7 fatty acid in dairy products may actually lower cholesterol.
  4. The best vegetarian source of omega-7 fatty acids is sea buckthorn.
  5. Macadamia nuts are also rich in omega-7 fatty acids.
  6. Too much omega-7 in the diet causes an unpleasant side effect. ("old people smell." )
  7. You can get the benefits of omega-7's without the risk of old people smell by taking omega-7 supplements.

Omega-7 Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome Life Extension April 2014


Omega-7: A New Good Fat Dec 2013

  • The reason Omega-7 is absent from most fish oil supplements is that it is removed during the Omega-3 concentration process.
  • The part of the fish oil that contains Omega-7 is discarded or sold as bio-diesel.
  • Has link to 14 minute video by Michael Roizen on Omega-7 - Dec 2013
    Omega-7 is one of six supplements which he takes every day.
  • Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs lower CRP by 25%. Omega-7 is 2X better


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