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What is the easiest way to get healthy: Vitamin D, Healthy Food, or Exercise

It is very difficult to say what is healthier: Vitamin D, Healthy Food, or Exercise

Let us assume, for argument, that they result in similar health benefits

Now let us estimate the monthly costs and time for each.

Does include: purchase, preparation, use, and cleanup
Does not include travel (time or cost)

COST per monthHOUR per month
Vitamin D    $0.50    0.2 hour
Healthy Food     $200%%% Vit D is 400X lower cost     30 hour
Vit D takes 150X less time
Exercise    $15%%%Vit D is 30X lower cost     10 hour
Vit D takes 50X less time

Thus Vitamin D is at least
50X better use of our time
30X lower cost.

Ways to improve health has the following graphic

Importance to Health VDW10426

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