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Off Topic: Exercycle for high-intensity exercise with UV


   <$400 total cost

  1. Amazon Indoor cycling bike (chain powered)
  2. Amazon UVB Bulb
  3. Amazon UVB lamp
  4. Amazon handlebar extension (dashed red)
  5. added 2" X 2" piece of wood below the handlebars (dashed green)
  6. Amazon rubber handlebar grips
  7. Amazon mount for iPad/Smartphone/Kindle
  8. Amazon silicon lubricant stick for slight brake noise
  9. Replace pedals with cleated pedals- already had cleated bike shoes
    cleats are better for pulling up than cages
  10. Count-down timer to indicate time remaining. has used kitchen timer, going to use a smartphone app
  11. Replaced seat with one that is more comfortable
  12. Remote switch - to turn fan on when needed; Wired or wireless
    Fan is too chilly duirng the warm-up period

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