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Doggie dementia 6.5X more likely if not get exercise (probably low vitamin D) - Aug 2022

Cats and dogs get dementia. Here’s how to spot signs and support pets - Aug 2023

Washington Post Vitamin D is NOT mentioned

  • Experts aren’t sure how many companion animals suffer from dementia. Estimates range from 14 to 35 percent of the pet dog population age 8 and older, according to one study. Another study suggests nearly one-third of cats ages 11 to 14 and 50 percent of cats 15 and older are affected. Many experts believe these numbers are probably conservative."

Will Your Dog Get Dementia? A Large New Study Offers Clues.

New York Times Aug 26, 2022

Evaluation of cognitive function in the Dog Aging Project: associations with baseline canine characteristics
Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 13316 (2022)
Sarah Yarborough, Annette Fitzpatrick, Stephen M. Schwartz & Dog Aging Project Consortium

Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) is a neurodegenerative disease in aging dogs. It has been described previously in relatively small cohorts of dogs using multiple different rating scales. This study aimed to use a minimally modified CCD rating scale developed by previous researchers to describe the prevalence of CCD more thoroughly in a large, nationwide cohort of companion dogs participating in the Dog Aging Project (DAP) (n = 15,019). Associations between various canine characteristics, predicted lifespan quartiles, and CCD were examined using univariable and multivariable logistic regression models and receiver operating curve (ROC) analysis. When controlling for all other characteristics, the odds of CCD increased 52% with each additional year of age. Among dogs of the same age, health status, breed type, and sterilization status, odds of CCD were 6.47 times higher in dogs who were not active compared to those who were very active. When controlling for age, breed type, activity level, and other comorbidities, dogs with a history of neurological, eye, or ear disorders had higher odds of CCD. Lifespan quartile analysis showed excellent discriminating ability between CCD positive and negative dogs. Weight-based lifespan quartile estimation could therefore serve as a tool to inform CCD screening by veterinarians.
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