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Breast Cancer probability reduced 12 percent with daily hour of (outdoor) exercise – March 2014

Regular physical activity reduces breast cancer risk irrespective of age

Clipped from press release
Glasgow, UK: Practising sport for more than an hour day reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer, and this applies to women of any age and any weight, and also unaffected by geographical location, according to research presented to the 9th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-9). Compared with the least active women, those with the highest level of physical activity reduced their risk of breast cancer by 12%, researchers say.

Professor Mathieu Boniol, Research Director at the International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon, France, reported to a press conference the results of a meta-analysis of 37 studies published between 1987 and 2013, representing over four million women. “These are all the studies looking at the relationship between physical exercise and breast cancer risk that have been published to date, so we are confident that the results of our analysis are robust,” he said.

The press release did not mention if the exercise was outdoor or not

But a majority of sports are practiced outdoors
Outdoor exercise during the summer should increase the vitamin D levels enough to result in a 12% decrease in breast cancer

Note: getting lots of vitamin D should result in a 90% reduction in breast cancer

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