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Muscles of senior women not helped by just vitamin D (also need exercise) – Aug 2019


EXCLI Journal 2019;18:591-603 http://dx.doi.org/10.17179/excli2019-1386
Reza Tabrizi1, 2, Jamal Hallajzadeh3, Naghmeh Mirhosseini4, Kamran B Lankarani5, Najmeh Maharlouei5, Maryam Akbari1, Zatollah Asemi*6


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The loss of muscle mass and its strength is one of the most critical changes in aging which is associated with an increased risk of falls, osteoporotic fractures and mobility disability. Vitamin D, with its extra-skeletal benefits, might improve muscle function in elderly. The current systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) was conducted to summarize available relevant data and determine the effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle function among postmenopausal women. We reached databases including; Cochrane library, Embase, PubMed, and Web of Science database until the end of May 2018 to identify relevant published RCTs. Heterogeneity among included studies was assessed using Q-test and I2 statistics. Random-effect model was applied to pool data and weighted mean difference (WMD) was calculated representing summary effect size. Outcomes of interest included the effects of vitamin D supplementation on hand grip strength (HGS), back muscle strength (BMS), and Timed Up and Go (TUG). Twelve RCTs out of 1739 potential reports were included in our meta-analysis. The pooled findings showed that vitamin D supplementation had no significant effect on HGS (WMD -0.03 kilogram (Kg); 95 % CI, -0.26, 0.20; P=0.78), BMS (WMD 7.21 newton (N); 95 % CI, -5.98, 20.40; P=0.28), and TUG (WMD 0.01 second (S); 95 % CI, -0.17, 0.18; P=0.93) in postmenopausal women. Overall, the current meta-analysis showed that taking vitamin D supplementation by postmenopausal women did not affect markers of muscle function. Further studies are required to confirm the effect of vitamin D supplementation on markers of muscle function.

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