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Vitamin D Workshop June 18-20, 2014    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Notes by Henry Lahore, admin of VitaminDWiki
Video: Does Less Sun mean more Disease? (alternate title:Vitamin D explained in 5 minutes)

  • Versions of the video has been viewed about 20,000 times in 141 countries (mid June 2014)
  • Voice-over in English, German, Swedish, Spanish (Venezuela) (currently)
  • Closed captioned in Portuguese,and Hebrew (currently)
  • Was viewed at the workshop by about 50 people
  • Probably will soon add Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish from Spain, etc,
  • Based on excellent viewership online and at the Workshop, Bio-Tech has provided continuing funding for it
    Our video has a good chance of becoming the most widely viewed Vitamin D video ever.

VitaminDWiki also provided the following at the Bio-Tech Pharmacal booth

  • Chart of New Vitamin D tests expected in 2014-2015
  • Vitamin D salt shaker – about 1,000 IU/shake
  • Lemonade – spiked with about 2,000IU/glass to demonstrate the idea of home fortification
    approximately 20 people either took the lemonade or fortified fruit juices provided at the workshop with 5,000 IU of vitamin D (powder from a single capsule)
  • People are starting to notice the importance of Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D supplements are NOT all the same
  • Long list (30 feet?) showing the vitamin D intervention trial using vitamin D (1200 trials)
  • Slide show of increased disease rates
    all of which increased while vitamin D decreased
    all of which have been associated with low vitamin D
  • Wore my Vitamin D T shirt one afternoon – got little comment
    It probably increases the Vitamin D a person can get from the sun by 50-100 % vs a standard T shirt (while standing up with long pants)
    Did, however get a recommendation of a person in the Middle East who might be interested in using the cloth to make burkas for women in Iran (so that the women there could get Vitamin D from the sun in a socially acceptable manner)

Overheard a theory/hypothesis about Tanning bed and Dermatologists
Dermatologists are giving tanning beds a bad name because they are taking away business from Dermatologists (far less expensive to get therapeutic UVB dose from tanning bed). Also noted: cancer rate from UVB at dermatologists (for psoriasis) is higher than that from tanning beds

Hypothesis in a paper by Dr. Hollis was being talked about – if you take just a little vitamin D, you should take it daily
Hypothesis: At low concentrations, where there is too little to sequester temporarily (in body fat ?) one form of vitamin D does not stay in the blood stream very long.
If hypothesis is correct then if taking less than an average of 2,000 IU daily it would be advisable to take the supplement daily.
I agree with the hypothesis. I agree that it is slightly better to take vitamin D daily rather than weekly, etc.
But, it is far far better to take lots of vitamin D infrequently than to not take vitamin D at all
Note: Dr. Hollis paper (Dec, 2013) is behind a paywall, and so is not on VitaminDWiki
    The Role of the Parent Compound Vitamin D with Respect to Metabolism and Function: Why Clinical Dose Intervals Can Affect Clinical Outcomes

I explored the possibility of an experiment to deactivate a gene which causes early onset Parkinson’ Disease

  • Talked to about 5 individuals
  • All thought that the experiment was a possibility

Presentation by D Fraser strongly indicated that rainbow trout generate Vitamin D with blue, (not UVB) light

Vitamin D non-skeletal trials – review June 2014 Poster by Dr. Grant

See also VitaminDWiki

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Top Vitamin D News: May 31, 2014    on the web (for translation, etc.) at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Does Less Sun mean More Disease video now has added voice-over in German and Spanish
In process are voice-over or human-translated closed captions in: Portuguese, French, Swedish, Romanian, and Hebrew
Information is provided such that you can add your own translation and upload/send it to us.

Instant vitamin D test next year - consumables $4 or perhaps only $1 per test
Should provide an excellent vitamin D testing service in Dr. offices, pharmacies, etc.
Data on accuracies will be released after FDA approval, but the company could elect to start outside of the US

On-line questionare of symptoms to evaluate your Vitamin D deficiency

Which supplements I actually take not just vitamin D

Omega-3 by Vectomega VERY bioavailable
Perhaps too bio-available: I got nosebleeds before I cut back to i pill every other day.

Vitamin D intervention – 1204 clinical trials – May 2014
very very long list of diseases being considered to be prevented/treated by vitamin D
Some statistics for vitamin D intervention:802 trials for those 65+, 744 trials registered since Jan 2010, 135 health problems with 10 or more trials

Great overview of Inflammatory diseases and Vitamin D

3 X to 25 X more likely to have a health problem if low Vitamin D compiled by VitaminDWiki
Vitamin D which costs just a few pennies a day will probably eliminate ALL of the increased risk factors

Testing misses the Vitamin D tied up with VDBP – June 2014

New category DBP (Vitamin D Binding Protein) now has 176 items

A decade ago 1,000 IU was enough, now the same author say 3,500 IU is enough

ODIN: Europeans study vitamin D fortification and testing
Yet another group will realize that fortification for everyone ends up to be so low (typically < 1,000 IU) as to only partially help about 20% of the population

Quality of life in Nursing Home improved with vitamin D 5,000 IU fortified bread Proof # 47

Asthma attacks reduced in half if Vitamin D level higher than 42 nanograms – RCT May 2014 Proof # 46 (I just love keeping score)

Overview MS and vitamin D updated

Is too much vitamin D bad – possible causes and cures
#1 of 9 reasons: drug dosage often assumes low Vitamin D, High vitamin D increases/decreases dose potency

Summer at VitaminDWiki

  • Attend Vitamin D Workshop in Chicago in mid-June - will show our Vitamin D video at Bio-Tech booth.
  • Goal of getting > 150,000 views of the Vitamin D video.
  • Ask Sergey Brin (of Google) if he is interested in spending 0.01% of his wealth to fund an experiment to avoid the Parkinson's bullet aimed at him
    Mr. Brin has a 50% chance of getting Parkinson's Disease in the next decade
    I feel that high dose vitamin D (along with other things) might turn off the PD gene (LRRK2) which Mr. Brin has

See also VitaminDWiki

New web pages   Recently changed web pages   Best/Top Vitamin D News   About us    Does Less Sun mean More Disease     1 pill every 2 weeks

Top Vitamin D News: April 21, 2014    on the web (for translation, etc.) at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Does Less Sun mean More Disease
Final version

Image Image

Video by Dr. Coimbra – 95 percent of auto-immune cured with vitamin D in high doses - April 2014
90 minute video with complete transcript. Multiple Sclerosis and many other auto-immune diseases.
News items in the video:
  They raise Vitamin D dose for a patient until PTH gets into the low normal range
  Elderly have fewer Vitamin D receptors, (not confirmed yet)
  Vitamin B2 is needed to process vitamin D (not confirmed yet)

Anti-depression medication about as good as big increase in vitamin D – meta-analysis of flawless data April 2014
A rare meta-analysis which ignored the does levels which were very low or too far apart in time
Huge range of doses normally all averaged together
If this were aspirin, a meta-analysis would average studies from 700 mg to 10 mg and conclude that aspirin does not reduce headaches

Some antidepressants decreased active but not measured vitamin D in seniors
Tricyclic antidepressants reduce the benefit of vitamin D in seniors. Wonder about non-seniors

Healthy in Seven Days - Loading dose of Vitamin D – book 2014
Loading dose provides vitamin D benefit (50 ng) in just 7 days
His web site (free) computes your need for vitamin D based on scores of symptoms.
Response with 400,000 IU loading dose @ is.gd/7DayVitD

One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need
Described by VitaminDWiki. This gets most people to 40 ng/ml.
You can chose to feel the benefits in 6-12 months or, if you restore levels quickly, as little as a week
Also describes doses for those at high risk.

Vitamin D update – 40-60 ng ideal, 50K biweekly maintenance – Jan 2014
Dr. Holick - provided inspiration for the above One pill every two weeks

Question – I have a health problem associated with low vitamin D – should I take Vitamin D
Yes, even if low vitamin D was not the cause of your current problem it can be the cause for a future problem

13 reasons why many seniors need more vitamin D (both dose and level) - July 2023 than when they were young
Assembled by VitaminDWiki from various sources

Topical vitamin D raised blood level to 38 ng (used Aloe Vera gel) – RCT March 2014
You can increase your vitamin D level with: pill, spray, oil, powder, gummy bear, vaginal suppository and now topical cream
Also, of course, sun. tanning bed, your own UVB light, etc.

VitaminDWiki chart has been updated to include the latest intervention PROOFS
Less Sun Less D Less Health

See also VitaminDWiki

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Top Vitamin D News: March 17, 2014    on the web (for translation, etc.) at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

20 cent vitamin D pill similar to 2 hours sunbathing at 60 degree latitude – RCT Aug 2013
A 20 cent pill provides as much vitamin D as 2 hours of summer sun (during a sunny week)
If your time worth more than 10 cents an hour you should consider getting most of your vitamin D from a pill

Dieters lost 5 more pounds if achieved more than 32 ng of vitamin D – RCT March 2014
Finally, proof that getting enough vitamin D (>32 ng) will help you lose even more weight while on a diet
There had been lots of previous indications, but now we have proof via a Random Controlled Trial (which lasted a year)
(A few years ago 1/3 of the women in a study lost weight with vitamin D without any change in diet of exercise)

What can Vitamin D learn from Baby Aspirin    such things as:
You can take up to 5,000 vitamin D pills in a single day without getting even a temporary toxic reaction.(50X more than with aspirin)
A nice vitamin D pill has just 1/10 the amount that you would get from a day in the sun.
People have been enjoying the benefits of vitamin D for perhaps 100,000 years (vs. aspirin 120 years.)

MS and vitamin D consensus from Brazil - 40-100 ng, not monotherapy – Feb 2014
Interesting that the most successful Multiple Sclerosis work in the world is in Brazil,
but these Brazillian Neurologists do not even mention the doctor using 150 ng of vitamin D

Hypothesis by VitaminDWiki – Vitamin D levels are no longer limited by evolution
Only recently have people been able to get high levels of vitamin D without getting skin cancer or hardening of the arteries.
High levels of vitamin D, when balanced with cofactors (NOT monotherapy), are great for your health,

400,000 IU of vitamin D reduced adult pain and improved quality of life – March 2014

A group of 6,000 people have vitamin D levels higher than 50 ng – GrassrootsHealth

FDA considering raising adult Vitamin D, but not for adults who are senior or pregnant- Feb 2014

Fewer pre-infants were vitamin D deficient when they got 800 IU – RCT Feb 2014
Different studies and govt regulations for infants around the world now range from ZERO IU (World Health Organization) to 2,000 IU

Warning – Medicare will pay for just 1 vitamin D test PER LIFETIME (if not related to a few diseases)
Just like many other countries, the US is now saving money (in the short term) by limiting testing,
They ignored the study showing that VA hospitals which has the fewest vitamin D test has the higher health care costs
Govt is just in time to restrict testing before the prices of testing drop.
There are several new low-cost ways to test for vitamin D.
   – we anticipate that the cost of an instant vitamin D test be less than < $10 within three years.
Suspected that tests were going to be restricted after seeing an 8000% increase in Vitamin D testing over a decade
Extrapolated Vitamin D Testing   is.gd/testmedicare

Vitamin D from animal increases 6X when consider that already processed by animal livers
People had seemed to be getting more vitamin D from food.
Now it appears that some animal-based food has a form of Vitamin D which has already been processed by a liver.
Currently the details are behind a very expensive paywall.
Here is our first-cut of a chart showing sources and processing of vitamin D
Vitamin D processing @ /is.gd/VitDprocessing

See also VitaminDWiki

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Top Vitamin D News: Feb 22, 2014    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Levels of evidence for levels of vitamin D – Dec 2013  
Concludes that there is good proof for: Premature mortality, Falls prevention, Cancer prevention,
Respiratory infection prevention, Diabetes prevention, Depression treatment, Musculoskeletal pain management
See also in VitaminDWiki Proof that Vitamin D Works  Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic

Why India's vitamin D deficiency is grim - 40 pages Feb 2014  
VitaminDWiki suggests home fortification for India: perhaps 20 cents for 4 man-months of vitamin D
By the way: all VitaminDWiki pages are now available in 80 languages (which includes 4 of the languages used in India)

Mice designed to get diabetes often failed to get diabetes if they had lots of vitamin D during their lives – Feb 2014  
very similar to what has been seen in many Diabetes trial with humans

Rare diseases hit fewer than 1 in 1500 people, but 1 in 12 people have a rare disease (vitamin might D help)  
VitaminDWiki has noticed many rare diseases which have benefited from Vitamin D, but has not had time to report on them

The Vitamin Deficiency Signs That Can Send You to Prison – Feb 2014   (rickets, and bleeding in the brain)

Chronic Hives treated by Vitamin D - many studies  
This is the first time that we have seen anything about hives and vitamin D. And, this was CHRONIC hives
This was our 40th proof that Vitamin D works.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Time for Inaction (question mark)– Jan 2014   nice article by Dr. Plotnikoff
British Medical Journal 16 years ago published an editorial "Vitamin D Deficiency: Time for Action.".
Since then >20,000 Vitamin D papers have been published. but there has still been little action

Fibromyalgia pain reduced with vitamin D intervention that achieved 30-48 ng – RCT Feb 2014   Which was our 39th proof that Vitamin D works.

Parkinsons' disease and MRI white matter in brain
Fewer white spots in MRI brain scans if had more vitamin D – Jan 2014  
The reduction of white spots in MRI brain scans with massive vitamin D was reported 2 years about in CURING of Multiple Sclerosis.
Perhaps vitamin D can reduce white spots in the brain for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

Top 20 vitamin D papers for 2013   summary by Dr. Grant.

Is HyD (25(OH)D) a better form of vitamin D for some animals and maybe humans with liver problems  

Fewer pre-infants were vitamin D deficient when they got 800 IU – RCT Feb 2014
only 38% of infants who were getting 800 IU had <20 ng
The argument now seems to focus on the doses ranging between 1000 and 2000 IU for infants
Note: in the 1960's Finland gave 2,000 IU to infants, and no problem seen even 35 years later
    unless you consider having far less diabetes being a problem

Roles of Vitamin D in 11 diseases    nice summary

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New colorful chart summarizing Risk Factors for Vitamin D Deficiency

Risk Factors @ is.gd/PPJan2014
Note: VitaminDWiki Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic lists 33 factors, 18 of which are recent

Rickets increasing in England (as vitamin D levels decrease)


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Top Vitamin D News: Jan 16, 2014    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

National requirement of vitamin D for pigs increased by 4X, (4X more than for humans) - Jan 2014  
Yet again, the medical professsionals who get paid to keep their charges healthy (Vets) give 4X as much vitamin D
      as do those for humans, who get income only when their charges are sick

Athletes (national-level) with less than 10 ng of vitamin D had smaller hearts – Jan 2014  
Wonder why – Perhaps because they were indoors while growning up?

Vitamin D sachets in India – fewer than a third had the stated amount – Nov 2013   very poor quality control. Apparently similar in Vietbam

Need to adjust cofactors if take 50,000 IU of vitamin D weekly – Nov 2013   as we have been saying for years at VitaminDwiki

Vitamin D at CureTogether: Fibromyalgia, MS, Psoriasis, etc - Dec 2013  
Lots of interesting charts showing what people actually take and what actually works
  (Vitamin D is pretty good, somewhat surprising given the low doses which are bieng used so far)

Hypothesis -Tissue barriers, created to protect body, block vitamin D – Dec 2013  
Extremely interesting idea: that the barriers the body sets up to deal with iinflammation, etc end up blocking vitamin D

Vitamin D Webinar - cost of pre-term birth etc- Baggerly Nov 2013  
$51,000 cost of a pre-term birth OR about $80 of vitamin D (for 20 women): Could be a 400X Return On Investment to an HMO

Active Rheumatologic disease was 5X more likely with low vitamin D – June 2013  similar to many previous studies

Dr. Oz recommends at least 50 ng of vitamin D    This is perhaps the 5th time Dr. Oz has recommended a 50 ng level

Incidence of 22 health problems related to vitamin D have doubled in a decade    summary table with many supporting charts

Hypothesis – low vitamin D level may indicate Calcium deficiency – Masterjohn II Dec 2013   had not noticed that low Ca ==> low Vitamin D

VitaminDCharts    You can now see VitaminDWiki charts/images extremely quickly.
You can also zoom in on those charts of interest by typing in words: such as PREGNANCY

Vitamin D repaired nerve in rat (50,000 IU daily dose equivalent for human) – June 2013    Perhaps vitamin D can aid spinal cord repair.

Even small amounts of Vitamin D prevent mortality in adults – Cochrane Review Jan 2014    just 400-800 IU is agreed to provide a benefit
Need at least 800 IU of vitamin D for 6-12 months – meta-regression analysis of RCT Jan 2014   

Is HyD (25(OH)D) a better form of vitamin D for some animals and maybe humans with liver problems   
Available for animals now, but humans still now need a prescription – in the US anyway

Overview Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue and vitamin D   
no special updates to the most popular web page on VitaminDWiki

Overview Vitamin K and Vitamin D    nice Grassroots Vitamin K webinar added at the bottom of the page

Top 20 vitamin D papers for 2013 Dr. Grant

Vitamin D infographics (1 image summaries) added a 4th

Oops – My email was hacked Jan 3, 2014, I was not in the Ukraine did not need $2,000 - a message which was sent to everyone on my email list
Happy to report that Google was able to re-establish my account quite quickly

Parkinson’s Disease relationship to Vitamin D
VitaminDWiki is investigating trying high levels of vitamin D (up to 150 ng) to prevent Parkinson’s Disease
which could perhaps be funded by the Google co-founder who has a 50% chance of getting PD within the next 10 years

See also VitaminDWiki

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