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Vitamin D needs in 2004:1000 IU, 10 years later same author says 3,500 IU

Back in 2004 Dr. Holick said that 1,000 IU and 10 minutes of sun was enough to get all of the benefits from Vitamin D

10,600 publications with Vitamin D in the title were published between Jan 2005 and May 2014

Dr. Holick update in Jan 2014 - need 50,000 IU biweekly = 3500/day

So, instead of 10 minutes to get 1,000 IU, you may need 35 minutes to get 3,500 IU if you are

AND young
  AND not obese
     AND have light skin, without suntan
      AND it is summer
        AND it is the middle of the day
          AND you have lots of skin exposed to the sun
            AND you are lying down
              AND you are not wearing sunscreen.

And much more time otherwise

  • 3X senior
  • 3X obese
  • 5X black skin
  • XX winter if far from equator

at is.gd/timeinsun

"And it would require nearly constant exposure to sunlight to reach the levels he (Dr. Holick) recommends"
Why Are So Many People Popping Vitamin D? NYT April 2017
*Vitamin D supplementation guidelines (adults – 50,000 IU per week) – Feb 2017Co-authored by Dr. Holick