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IBD (Colitis, Crohn’s) was active 6X more often if low vitamin D – June 2015

Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with Disease Activity in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Dig Dis Sci. 2015 Jun 2. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10620-015-3727-4
Torki M1, Gholamrezaei A, Mirbagher L, Danesh M, Kheiri S, Emami MH
1Department of Internal Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran, rzenderoud at yahoo.com.

Evidence exists on the association between vitamin D deficiency and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

To investigate whether vitamin D level is associated with disease activity and quality of life in IBD patients.

This cross-sectional study was conducted on known adult IBD patients referred to an outpatient clinic of gastroenterology in Isfahan city, Iran. Disease activity was evaluated using the Simplified Crohn's Disease Activity Index and Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index. Quality of life was assessed with the Short-Inflammatory Bowel Disease Questionnaire. Serum 25[OH]D was measured using the radioimmunoassay method. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency were defined as concentration of <50 and 50-75 nmol/L, respectively.

Studied subjects were 85 ulcerative colitis and 48 Crohn's disease patients (54.1 % females) with mean age of 42.0 ± 14.0 years. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency were present in 52 (39.0 %) and 24 (18.0 %) patients, respectively. Thirty patients (22.5 %) had active disease who, compared with patients in remission, had more frequent low vitamin D levels (80 vs. 50.4 %, P = 0.005). Quality of life was not different between patients with low and those with normal vitamin D levels (P = 0.693). In the logistic regression model, low vitamin D was independently associated with active disease status, OR (95 % CI) = 5.959 (1.695-20.952).

We found an association between vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency and disease activity in IBD patients. Prospective cohorts and clinical trials are required to clarify the role of vitamin D deficiency and its treatment in clinical course of IBD.
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VitaminDWiki - Overview Gut and vitamin D contains

  • Gut problems result in reduced absorption of Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc.
  • Celiac disease has a strong genetic component.
    • Most, but not all, people with celiac disease have a gene variant.
    • An adequate level vitamin D seems to decrease the probability of getting celiac disease.
    • Celiac disease causes poor absorption of nutrients such as vitamin D.
    • Bringing the blood level of vitamin D back to normal in patients with celiac disease decreases symptoms.
    • The prevalence of celiac disease, not just its diagnosis, has increased 4X in the past 30 years, similar to the increase in Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Review in Nov 2013 found that Vitamin D helped
    Many intervention clinical trials with vitamin D for Gut problems (101 trials listed as of Sept 2019)
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Along with gut-friendly information

VitaminDWiki - Gut category contains

204 items in GUT category - see also Overview Gut and vitamin D, See also Microbiome category listing has 37 items along with related searches.

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Note: My spouse has very successfully used a nanoemulsion vitamin D to treat her colitis

She had severe attacks of ulcerative colitis many times a year for many decades
Adding oral vitamin D did not appear to help
Previously we had great success applying vitamin D directly to a problem
   gums, warts, burns, abrasions, etc.
We evolved ways to get vitamin d directly to this problem
Vitamin D powder added to water helped some when a teaspoon of it was inserted into the rectum
Adding salt to the water helped
100,0000 IU of nanoemulsion also was good
Ended up using 200,000 IU of nanoemulsion vitamin D in 1 pint of water with a "pinch" of - using about a tablespoon at a time
Similar attack frequency, but far less intense.
The problem goes away after 3 nightly applications

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