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Did you know?
  • Glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] is associated with many health problems
  • Glyphosate reduces Vitamin D by both reducing CYP27A1 gene and reducing many minerals needed by Vitamin D
    VitaminDWiki suspects that Glyphosate is responsible for 10-20% of the decreased Vitamin D getting to cells
  • Glyphosate is the only acknowledged active component of Roundup
    However, Roundup is 125X more deadly to human cells than Glyphosate
  • Many countries now ban Glyphosate
    including all of the European Union as of Oct 25, 2017
    It is still not banned in the US
  • A crop can be called organic even if Roundup was used to dry it
        wheat, oats, beans, lentil, sunflower, soy, rapeseed oil, etc
  • You can compensate for Glyphosate by increasing your intake of
       Vitamin D, Magnesium, Boron, and Omega-3

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Sept 2017: Weeds becoming resistant to Roundup, Monsanto now has dicamba

Monsanto’s New Weed Killer, Dicamba, Divides Farmers NYT Sept 2017

The replacement may be worse than Roundup in many ways

  1. More expensive
  2. Damages trees in addition to killing weeds
  3. Drifts farther
    "Because genetically modified crops allow dicamba to be sprayed later in the year, after crops emerge from the ground, and in hotter and more humid weather, the chemical is susceptible to what is known as “volatility” — it can turn into a gas and drift onto whatever happens to be nearby."
  4. Health problems?
    "“For both dicamba and 2,4-D, the reproductive risks and birth defects” are “most worrisome.”

Update - Monsanto rewards farmers who use DiCamba Dec 2017

Farmers have been reluctant to use DiCamba (problems on own farm, neighboring farm, and state)
Monsanto now giving $5/acre reward if a farmer uses it (it costs $11/acre)
Farmers Incentivized With Cash to Spray New Poison Mercola

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  • GMO crops totally banned in Russia... Sept 2015
    share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 % to just 0.01 % in 10 years
  • A Complete List Of All Countries That Have Banned Glyphosate 2016
    Malta., Sri Lanka. The Netherlands, Argentina
  • Where is Glyphosate Banned? sometime before Oct 2017
    Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda. Brazil?, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, England - townships, France -2022 private sale, Germany - not to renew the license for glyphosate. Italy restrictions, Netherlands, New Zealand Auckland and Christchurch -in public places, Spain: Barcelona, Madrid . . banned the use of glyphosate in public areas, +Sri Lanka: Banned the private and commercial sale of glyphosate.
  • French MEP: Difficult but possible to find glyphosate alternative in 5 years
    "With 355 votes in favour, 204 against and 111 abstentions, the European Parliament stressed on 24 October (2017) that a full ban on glyphosate-based herbicides should be imposed by December 2022, and endorsed immediate restrictions on the use of the substance."
    "Particularly, EU lawmakers asked for an immediate ban for non-professional use and use in public parks, gardens and playgrounds, and a five-year phasing-out period for all agricultural use."

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  • Folic Acid and Glyphosate STEPHANIE SENEFF, PHD, May 2016
    Glyphosate may reduce Folate production in the gut
  • How concerned should I be about glyphosate in foods and supplements? Consumer Labs Nov 2017
    " . .genetically modified (GMO) soybeans and corn. It is also sprayed on many types of conventional crops such as wheat, oats, and barley prior to harvest as a drying agent and to even-out maturity. A USDA study in 2012 found that it was also commonly used on cherries, avocados, apples, lemons, grapefruit, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts "
    "Glyphosate is also found in processed foods containing these ingredients cannot be removed by washing, cooking, or baking. It can remain stable in food for a year or more. "
    In many oat cereals, but " no detectable glyphosate in the organic oats it tested from Bob's Red Mill, 365 Whole Foods, Sprout, or Nature's Path. "
  • Crop desiccation Wikipedia
    " . . in the UK 78% of oilseed rape is desiccated before harvest, but only 4% in Germany"
  • Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science Amazon $16 Dec? 2017
    Mothers Nature Network has lengthy description
    "So, there are a number of different uses and a number of different applications. It’s used in our citrus groves in Florida. The farmers there are spraying it around the root structure to try and keep weeds from competing for things like moisture and nutrients. The science on that I have read … is more the impact on the soil because glyphosate kills the beneficial microbes in the soil that help the plant to remain healthy. So, when you’re killing those beneficial microbes in the soil, the plant is more susceptible to disease, or perhaps needs more fertilizer,"
    "There currently are about 3,500 plaintiffs who are suing Monsanto, alleging specifically that Roundup gave them non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and that Monsanto knew and covered up the risks."
    "‘Whitewash’ has been compared to Rachel Carson’s book ‘Silent Spring,’ which 55 years ago alerted the world to the dangers of unchecked pesticide use, particularly DDT, and launched the modern environmental movement."

All items in Glyphosate category in VitaminDWiki

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