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Monsanto banned from EU parliament (they refused to respond to Glosophate safety questions) – Oct 2017

Monsanto Banned From Parliament Mercola

Story at-a-glance

  • Members in the European Parliament (MEPs) announced that Monsanto officials would no longer be able to meet MEPs or attend committee meetings, essentially banning them from parliament
  • The blow came after the biotech giant refused to attend a hearing over allegations that Monsanto inappropriately influenced studies into the safety of glyphosate
  • A ruling over whether or not to relicense glyphosate in the EU is expected by the end of 2017, which means the ban could not have come at a more inopportune time for Monsanto

Clipps from the article

  • “Widespread Monsanto Manipulation Coming to the Surface”
  • “You Can Find Out How Much Glyphosate Is in Your Body”
    “The analysis revealed glyphosate in levels of 76 μg/L to 166 μg/L in women's breast milk. As reported by The Detox Project, this is 760 to 1,600 times higher than the EU-permitted level in drinking water
    “In the study, 15 percent of the administered glyphosate reached the fetal compartment”
    Glyphosate Environmental Exposure Test Kit – $99
  • “In the case of glyphosate, it’s also wise to avoid desiccated crops like wheat and oats”
    Note: Crops desiccated with Glyphosate are allowed to be called organic
    • Desiccation - Wikipedia Maize, Cereals, Oilseed rape, Legumes, Sunflower. Potatoes. etc
    • Organic = Non GMO crops, and no herbicides were used while growing
    • Lobbing money is very powerful!

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Huge increases in health problems – risk factors include Vitamin D, Antibiotics, and Roundup contains the following
Increased Roundup and Antibiotics

Health Problem
(typically associated
with low Vitamin D)
% increase
in a decade
Autism 250 %Antibiotic Roundup
Diabetes 66 %Antibiotic Roundup
Overweight kids 150 %Antibiotic Roundup
obesity deaths
Parkinson's 110 % might help Roundup
Alzheimer's. 1000% Probiotic
might help
Dementia ?%Probiotic
might help
Thyroid Cancer80 % -
Breast Cancer 110 %Antibiotic
then BRAC1
Tuberculosis 100 % -
Multiple Sclerosis 70 % Probiotic
might help
Ulcerative Colitis 210 %Antibiotic
Concussions 80 % -
Traumatic Brain Injury170 % -
Pulmonary Hypertension88 % -
Alzheimer's ?? % Roun-2017
Dimentia 60 % -
Hospitalizations - Food Allergy 260 %Antibiotic
C-Section 40 %Antibiotic
Peanut Allergy40 %Antibiotic
ALS deaths 60 Roun-2017
Knee injury (teen) 400 % -
Chronic Disease in Children70 % -
Metabolic Syndrome 250 % Antibiotic
Bipolar Disorder - youth 4,400 % -
Celliac 100 %Antibiotic Roundup
ADHD (LA schools)230 % Roun-2017
Rickets-Minn.    (UK 600 %)500 % -
IBD 200 % Antibiotic Roundup
Lyme Disease300 %Antibiotic
Clostridium difficile (age > 85)400 %Antibiotic
fecal transfer cure
Sleep Apnea200 % -
MRSA 600%Antibiotic
GERD (No reported
association with vitamin D?)
Esophageal Cancer 80% Antibiotic
Kidney 120% -Roundup
    Total of 35 increased diseases
34 associated
with low vitamin D
16 associated
with Antibiotic
13 associated
with Roundup

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