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Some cereals have 12X more Glyphosate than Vitamin D - Oct 2018

Tests Reveal More Weed Killer Than Some Vitamins in Kids’ Cereals EWG


"...EWG has released the results of laboratory tests that found glyphosate widespread in oat-based breakfast cereals and snack bars popular with kids. The vast majority of the non-organic products analyzed – 85 percent – had levels of the weed killer above EWG’s health benchmark of 160 parts per billion, or ppb."

Thus 85% of oat cereals and snack bars had > 0.160 ppm Glyphosate

Mercola resported on the same EWG news item

  • "Oats Would Have Virtually No Glyphosate Residues if Farmers Quit Using the Chemical as a Preharvest Drying Agent"
  • "U.S. Department of Agriculture testing done in 2011 revealed glyphosate in all soybean samples tested."
  • "Limited testing for glyphosate done by the FDA in 2016 found glyphosate in virtually all foods tested, including wheat crackers, granola cereal, corn meal, oatmeal products and honey"
  • "Glyphosate has also been found in many wines, including organic ones."

Health Problem
(typically associated
with low Vitamin D)
% increase
in a decade
Autism 250 %Antibiotic Roundup
Diabetes 66 %Antibiotic Roundup
Overweight kids 150 %Antibiotic Roundup
Parkinson's 110 % might help Roundup
Alzheimer's. 1000% might help Roundup
Dementia ?%might helpRoundup
Multiple Sclerosis 70 % might help Roundup
Alzheimer's ?? % Roun-2017
ALS deaths 60 Roun-2017
Celliac 100 %Antibiotic Roundup
ADHD (LA schools)230 % Roun-2017
IBD 200 % Antibiotic Roundup
Kidney 120% -Roundup


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