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Stopping GMOs improves health (more than Glyphosate) – Dec 2017

Survey Reports Improved Health After Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods

International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine – 2017

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A survey of 3,256 respondents, primarily residing in the United States, reveal improvements in a wide range of health symptoms following the removal or reduced consumption of genetically engineered foods, also called genetically modified organisms or GMOs. The changes are consistent with reports by physicians and others about improvements accompanying a switch to largely non-GMO and organic diets.
The conditions that were most frequently reported as showing improvement include:

  • Digestive: 85.2%,
  • Fatigue, low energy: 60.4%,
  • Overweight or obesity: 54.6%,
  • Clouding of consciousness,
  • “brain fog”: 51.7%,
  • Food allergies or sensitivities: 50.2%, Mood problems, such as anxiety or depression: 51.1%, Memory, concentration: 48.1%, Joint pain: 47.5%, Seasonal allergies: 46.6%, Gluten sensitivities: 42.2%, Insomnia: 33.2%, Other skin conditions (not eczema): 30.9%, Hormonal problems: 30.4%, Musculoskeletal pain: 25.2%, Autoimmune disease: 21.4%, Eczema: 20.8%, and Cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressure: 19.8%.

Titles of sections in the paper

Unanticipated changes in proteins
Amino acid sequence
Misshaped proteins
Gene transfer from GMOs
Consumption of the Bt Toxin insecticide
Increased herbicide use and residues on food
Glyphosate as carcinogen
Glyphosate as chelator
Glyphosate inhibits critical metabolic pathways
Glyphosate as antibiotic
Glyphosate as mitochondrial toxin
Glyphosate as teratogen
Glyphosate as endocrine disruptor and estrogen mimicker
Overlapping and synergistic factors
Digestion and GMOs
Digestion and Bt toxin
Digestion and Glyphosate
Reduced digestive enzymes
Glyphosate altering gut bacteria
Digestive disorders as gateways to other conditions

Several animal studies show health impacts
Severe organ damage and increased rates of large tumors and mortality69
Altered blood biochemistry, multiple organ damage, and potential effects on male fertility70
Stomach lesions and unexplained mortality71
Immune response and allergic reaction72
Immune disturbances73
Enlarged lymph nodes and immune disturbances 7 4
Disturbed liver, pancreas and testes function75
Liver aging76
Disturbed enzyme functioning in kidney and heart77
Higher density of uterine lining78
Severe stomach inflammation and heavier uteri79
Liver and kidney toxicity80
Changed level of fats in blood and signs of liver and kidney toxicity81
Toxic effects on liver and kidneys and altered blood biochemistry82
Enlarged liver83
Disturbances in digestive system and changes to liver and pancreas84
Excessive growth in the lining of the gut85
Intestinal abnormalities86
Altered blood biochemistry and gut bacteria, and immune response87
Altered gut bacteria and organ weights88
Less efficient feed utilization and digestive disturbance89

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