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Huge increases in health problems – risk factors include Vitamin D, Antibiotics, and Roundup

During the past 40 years there have been big increased in

There are many studies showing the risk factors for antibiotics, roundup and low vitamin D
The risk factors vary from 1.5X to 15X – depends on the disease
Often it is the same disease: examples - autism, obesity, etc.



  • First used in the early 1950’s
  • particularly bad is the use of antibiotics before gut/brain communication is established (infant)
  • 10X more tons of antibiotics are used to increase weight of farm animals
  • Antibiotics often substantially reduce the diversity of gut bacteria
  • Antibiotics were recently greatly increased in Australia
    Australia subsequently experience a huge increase in autism
  • Antibiotics have been proven to cause the creation of superbugs
  • To minimize the threat of superbugs Europe tried (2000?, unsuccessfully) to reduce use of antibiotics for feed animals.

Vitamin D

  • Lack of vitamin D results in a poor immune system and great increase in many diseases

Increased Roundup and Antibiotics

Health Problem
(typically associated
with low Vitamin D)
% increase
in a decade
Autism 250 %Antibiotic Roundup
Diabetes 66 %Antibiotic Roundup
Overweight kids 150 %Antibiotic Roundup
obesity deaths
Parkinson's 110 % might help Roundup
Alzheimer's. 1000% Probiotic
might help
Dementia ?%Probiotic
might help
Thyroid Cancer80 % -
Breast Cancer 110 %Antibiotic
then BRAC1
Tuberculosis 100 % -
Multiple Sclerosis 70 % Probiotic
might help
Ulcerative Colitis 210 %Antibiotic
Concussions 80 % -
Traumatic Brain Injury170 % -
Pulmonary Hypertension88 % -
Alzheimer's ?? % Roun-2017
Dimentia 60 % -
Hospitalizations - Food Allergy 260 %Antibiotic
C-Section 40 %Antibiotic
Peanut Allergy40 %Antibiotic
ALS deaths 60 Roun-2017
Knee injury (teen) 400 % -
Chronic Disease in Children70 % -
Metabolic Syndrome 250 % Antibiotic
Bipolar Disorder - youth 4,400 % -
Celliac 100 %Antibiotic Roundup
ADHD (LA schools)230 % Roun-2017
Rickets-Minn.    (UK 600 %)500 % -
IBD 200 % Antibiotic Roundup
Lyme Disease300 %Antibiotic
Clostridium difficile (age > 85)400 %Antibiotic
fecal transfer cure
Sleep Apnea200 % -
MRSA 600%Antibiotic
GERD (No reported
association with vitamin D?)
Esophageal Cancer 80% Antibiotic
Kidney 120% -Roundup
    Total of 35 increased diseases
34 associated
with low vitamin D
16 associated
with Antibiotic
13 associated
with Roundup

  • Glyphosate GreenMedInfo Aug 2017 = Roun-2017
    The following image was made years after the above matrix was assembled by VitaminDWiki


Interesting to see the overlap of the diseases


% increase
in a decade
400%Knee Injury (teen)
Clostridium difficle age > 85
300%Lyme Disease
250%Food Allergy - hospitalizations
Metabolic Syndrome
Ulcerative Colitis
Sleep Apnea
150%Traumatic Brain Injury
Overweight kids
100%Breast Cancer
Kidney - chronic
Esphageal Cancer
Pulminary Hypertension
Multiple Sclerosis
Thyroid Cancer
ALS deaths
40%Peanut Allergy

Prevention options for individuals

  • Reduce use of antibiotics – especially for infants
  • Eat organic foods
  • Increase vitamin D levels – supplementation/sunshine

Treatment options for individuals

  • Increase vitamin D levels – supplementation/sunshine
  • Probiotics and prebiotics may restore some of the gut biotics lost due to antibiotics
  • Promising future option: get gut bionome from a healthy person (fecal transplant)
    • Example: fecal transplant from thin mice made obese mouse thin

Unaware of any Vitamin D study which also considered Antibiotics or Roundup
They could have, but failed to ask participants
How to tease it out?
Have there been big changes in antibiotics/Roundup in a country?
Has that country experienced a large change in incidence of any of the associated diseases?
Note: it appears that the change in incidence of Autism at age 2 would be the quickest indicator

In April 2014 I read an excellent book: Missing Microbes, which resulted in my making
Antibiotics and Vitamin D are associated with many of the same diseases

  • Average of 17 antibiotic treatments by age 20 in the US
  • The page has multiple extremely strong proofs linking increased obesity to increased antibiotics

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