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Excess deaths - 5 possible reasons - many studies

10% increases in Excess Deaths in the German states having the highest vaccination rates
From Feb 2024 - see below

Possible reasons for increase in excess deaths (beyond COVID)

12X increase in Excess Cardiopulmonary deaths after vaccinations near Seattle - preprint May 2024

Excess Cardiopulmonary Arrest and Mortality after COVID-19 Vaccination in King County, Washington

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VitaminDWiki - Excess death rates in high-vaccinated countries exceeded COVID death rates by 3.4 X in 2023 - May 2024

VitaminDWiki - COVID infection (without hospitalization) – 1.7X more likely to die in 6 months if low Vitamin D – March 2024

Chart of excess deaths vs % vaccination of German states - Feb 2024

Differential Increases in Excess Mortality in the German Federal States During the COVID-19 Pandemic (preprint)
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.13098.18880
Christof Kuhbandner Christof Kuhbandner Matthias Reitzner Matthias Reitzner

Background: The present study investigates the influence of COVID-19 on mortality in the sixteen German federal states. To examine this issue, we estimate the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic separately for each federal state by calculating state-specific excess mortalities for the three pandemic years and explore a number of key state-specific quantities to determine the extent to which these covary with the excess mortality. Among the explored quantities are aspects related to the pandemic (strength of measures, COVID-19 infections and vaccination rates) and aspects unrelated to the pandemic (mean age, gross domestic products, poverty rates, proportions of people in need of care). Methods: To estimate excess mortality, we compare in each federal state the observed number of all-cause deaths with the number of the statistically expected all-cause deaths. To estimate the expected number of deaths, we use German life tables and longevity trends, and state-specific population tables and state-factors. The results yield for each federal state separate estimates for the expected number of all-cause deaths if there had been no pandemic.

Results: Excess Mortality varied substantially across federal states in each of the pandemic years. In nearly all states, excess mortality was small in the first pandemic year, increased in the second and even more in the third pandemic years. The increase varied substantially across the federal states as well. Regarding the covariations with the explored state-specific quantities, two correlation patterns are noticeable. In the first two years of the pandemic, but not in the third, there was a strong correlation between excess mortality and the number of reported COVID deaths, suggesting that the differences in excess mortality observed earlier in the pandemic are due to differences in the levels of exposure to COVID-19. However, this cannot explain the increase of excess mortality in the second and third pandemic years because the number of COVID-19 deaths decreased instead of increased in almost all federal states.
Regarding the increase in excess mortality, an increasingly strong positive correlation with the vaccination rate of a federal state is observed, which reaches a value of r = 0.85 in the third pandemic year, indicating that excess mortality increased the stronger the higher the vaccination rate in a federal state was. An analysis of stillbirths showed exactly the same pattern. No other systematic correlation pattern was observed.

Conclusions: Excess mortality during the pandemic varied substantially between federal states, a finding that requires explanation. While the positive correlation of excess mortality with COVID-19 infections and deaths in the the phase of the pandemic without vaccinations suggests an explanation through different levels of exposure to COVID-19, COVID-19 cannot explain the increase in excess mortality after vaccinations began. For the second and third pandemic year a significant positive correlation between the increase of excess mortality and COVID-19 vaccinations is observed, a fact that strongly calls for further investigations on possible negative effects of COVID-19 vaccinations.
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Excess mortality in England post Covid-19 pandemic: implications for secondary prevention - Lancet Jan 2024

Commentary, PDF

Excess Death Numbers continue to Explode! - video review of the study

Big increase in US who Died "Suddenly or Unexpectedly" in 2021 and 2022

Children's Health Defense

3X increase in unspecified causes of Death (Canada 2019-2022) - Dec 2023

Too many Dead - 470 page book, Australia Dec 2023


 PDF OR Here

17 million Excess deaths after COVID vaccination - Sept 2023

Excess deaths after COVID vaccination - 17 countries - Sept 2023

Excess deaths being noticed by Life Insurance Companies - USA Today Aug 2023

USA Today Aug 11, 2023

  • "Deaths among young Americans documented in employee life insurance claims should alone set off alarms. Among working people 35 to 44 years old, a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, ..."
  • "In the year ending April 30, 2023 – 14 months after the last of several pandemic waves in the United States – at least 104,000 more Americans died than expected, according to Our World in Data."

Chart of Excess Deaths in England and Wales - July 2023

Naked emperor

Chart of global excess deaths by the Economist - May 2023


Non-rich countries have 4X higher death rates (generally did not use vaccines)

Our model suggests that global deaths remain 5% above pre-covid forecasts $$
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 Download the modeling detials PDF from VitaminDWiki

Hospital utilization Australia (NSW) 1415 Vaccinated, 0 unvaccinated - Dec 2022


Chart of Excess deaths in Germany 2020-2022

DOI: 10.7759/cureus.39371 FREE PDF

56,285 excess deaths in England and Wales in past year - May 2023

Naked Emperor excess over the pre-pandemic 5 year average

Excess deaths may be due to down-regulation of immune systm by repeated Vaccinations - March 2023

IgG4 Antibodies Induced by mRNA Vaccines Generate Immune Tolerance to SARS-CoV-2’spike Protein by Suppressing the Immune System
Preprints.org 2023, 2023030441. https://doi.org/10.20944/preprints202303.0441.v1.
Vladimir N. Uversky * ORCID logo , Elrashdy M. Redwan , William Makis , Alberto Rubio-Casillas * ORCID logo
Version 1 : Received: 25 March 2023 / Approved: 27 March 2023 / Online: 27 March 2023 (03:56:26 CEST)

Due to the health crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2, the creation of a new vaccine platform based on mRNA was implemented. Globally, around 13.32 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses of diverse platforms have been given, and up to this date, 69.7% of the total population received at least one injection of a COVID-19 vaccine. Although these vaccines prevent hospitalization and severe forms of the disease, increasing evidence has shown they do not produce sterilizing immunity, allowing people to suffer frequent re-infections.
Recent research has also raised concerns that mRNA vaccines could induce immune tolerance, which, added to that caused by the virus itself, could complicate the clinical course of a COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, recent investigations have found high IgG4 levels in people who were administered two or more injections of mRNA vaccines. It has been suggested that an increase in IgG4 levels could have a protecting role by preventing immune over-activation, similar to that occurring during successful allergen-specific immunotherapy by inhibiting IgE-induced effects.
Altogether, evidence suggests that the reported increase in the IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the mRNA vaccines is not a protective mechanism; rather, it may be a part of the immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses. IgG4-induced suppression of the immune system due to repeated vaccination can also cause autoimmune diseases, promotes cancer growth, and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.
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Reported by: Are COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Leading to Immune Tolerance? An Eclectic Group of Scientists Believes So TrialSite News

Study documented the correlation between % vaccinated and excess deaths - March 2023

Trial Site News- Peter A. McCullough
Discussing: Aarstad, J.; Kvitastein, O.A. Is there a Link between the 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake in Europe and 2022 Excess All-Cause Mortality? Preprints 2023, 2023020350

19% Excess mortality in Europe: Dec, 2022


VitaminDWiki - Excess Deaths in Australia jumped up in 2022– preprint Feb 2023

Huge increase in excess deaths in 2022

Seeing Is Believing: What the Data Reveal About Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts Around the World 1/9/23

Chidren's Health Defender  Some of the many charts





34% Excess deaths in Wales - 2nd week of Jan 2023


29% Excess Deaths in Scotland - Jan 2023

2,020 for the week. Higher than COVID peak

Chart of excess deaths and vaccination in the Netherlands - for 2022

click here for details

CDC reported 349,000 excess US deaths in the first 3 quarters of 2022


Excess Deaths - 11 videos by Dr. Campbell

Vaccinated died at a higher rate than unvaccinated (in UK) - Sept 27, 2023

YouTube 11 minutes
the Study

Vaccination rates associated with high excess death rates - Sept 8, 2023

YouTube 16 minutes
Austrailia, Canada, US, UK, Ireland. Denmark: High Vaccination rates, Excess deaths 5% to 20%
Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Armenia, Geogia, Bulgaria: Low Vaccination rates, Lower than normal death rates

(US) Life insurers confirm excess young deaths - Aug 17, 2023

YouTube 16 minutes
Same data: Dr. Pierre Kory: Why We Wrote the USA Today Op-ed on Excess Deaths — and Why We Never Mentioned ‘Vaccines’
"Op-ed would ‘never have seen the light of day’ if COVID vaccines mentioned"

Excess deaths persist - Aug 11, 2023

YouTube 13 minutes

Interactive Map

UK Excess deaths 22% above average (Charts for age and health problem) - May 12, 2023

YouTube 15 minutes



interview of Dr. Campbell: not on YouTube, so he expresed his concerns: including Vitamin D - Feb 11, 2023

Rumble 12 minutes    Review of the interview

Dr. Campbell again on excess deaths (in countries with excess vaccionation or excess COVID) - Feb 9, 2023

International concern, excess deaths
Australia 9%, Canada 3%, Denmark 30%. England 20%, Finland 9%, France 25%, Germany 43%
Hungary 11%. Ireland 20%. Netherlands 37%. Norway 28%. New Zealand 17%, Poland 21%
Portugal 6%. Romania – 4%. Scotland 13%. South Korea 18%. Slovakia 2%/ Sweden 9%/ Switzerland 12%. Taiwan 25%
Example chart: Denmark
From Our World in Data

Excess deaths, MP calls for urgent and thorough investigation - Feb 5, 2023

Dr. Cambell
Cholesterol and blood pressure medicines DID NOT GO DOWN
Christine Anderson " The people have been lied to" (member of European Parliment)

European excess deaths, official data - Campbell Jan 23, 2023

YouTube 13 minutes

Excess deaths in Australia - Campbell Video Oct 12, 2022

https://youtu.be/xRCv_Wh5njM 17% higher than average
Cites Aust1   and Aust2

Dr. Campbell video on UK Excess Deaths July 6. 2022

18 minutes
15.9% above normal
Non covid excess deaths, 1,540 – 166 = 1,374

- - - - - - -

Excess Mortality and COVID-19: What is causing it? - Medcram Video - Oct 4, 2022


"Cause Unknown": The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 - Book Dec 2022

Excess deaths of young adults 3rd Quarter 2021 (actuary table)

 page 23 of PDF from VitaminDWiki

Top cause of death in Alberta, Canada in 2021 was unknown


Regional Excess Deaths strongly associated with COVID vaccination rate (UK) – Sept 2022

Regional Excess Deaths strongly associated with COVID vaccination rate (UK) – Sept 2022

Chart of Excess and COVID deaths in UK (to Aug 2022)

Spectator, AUS

Chart of Excess and COVID deaths in UK (June and July 2022)

Silent crisis of soaring excess deaths gripping Britain is only tip of the icebergTelegraph Aug 12, 2022

Chart of Excess and COVID deaths Globally as of Jan 2022


Chart of more excess deaths if more vaccination (high income countries) thru Sept 2021

Excess mortality and vaccination

Excess deaths India 2021

The big five of excess mortality: India, Russia, Indonesia, USA and Brazil

Long list of possible reasons for excess deaths

Pandemic response
Lockdown and restrictions stress
Reduced physical activity
Lack of access to healthcare
Delayer referrals for diagnosis and treatment
Cost of living crisis
People whose health was / is weakened by covid
Known increase risk of stroke and heart attacks
Increasing autoimmune disease
New medications used as covid treatments

Tracking 15,000,000 covid-19 excess deaths across countries (excellent graphs) Economist - May 2022

15,000,000 excess deaths in 2 years - May 2022
Excess Deaths: Lancet 18 M, Economist 15 M, WHO 12 M (vs. 6 M reported)

Lancet - March and Sept 2022

  • Global impact of the first year of COVID-19 vaccination: a mathematical modelling study -DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(22)00320-6 Sept 2022 FREE PDF

18 million excess global deaths in past 2 years: COVID plus collateral damage - Lancet March 2022

VitaminDWiki - COVID cases and excess deaths exploding in parts of Asia - April 2022

Big increase in deaths reported by insurance companies and funeral homes - March 2022

Substack   Also has 10X increase in neurological issues in US DoD

How a Zambian morgue is exposing the real covid toll in Africa - April 2022

Technology Review

  • "Between January and June of 2021, the researchers found that 32% of the dead in the morgue tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. The numbers testing positive rose to 82% during one week of Zambia’s deadliest wave in June. Most had died at home without seeking treatment, and fewer than 10% had tested positive while living—a criterion health authorities required to count them as part of the official covid-19 toll."
  • "But roughly 80% of the bodies (cadavers) testing positive were people who had died at home, and almost none of those had received an official covid-19 diagnosis. "

Sustained high prevalence of COVID-19 deaths from a systematic post-mortem study in Lusaka, Zambia: one year later - March 2022

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Excess mortality during the Coronavirus pandemic - constantly updated

Examples of scores of charts


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See also 2.3X increase in sudden deaths in Germany after start of vaccinations - Dec 2022

VitaminDWiki - 19 studies are on both of the categories Virus and Cardiovascular

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VitaminDwiki COVID infections and vaccinations decrease Vitamin D – many studies


Vaccination and/or Infection

Hypothesis: The body consumes Vitamin D each time the immune system is activated
The "GREEN" person started with a high level of Vitamin D
This assumes no vitamin D supplementation by supplements, sun, etc.

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