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Regional Excess Deaths strongly associated with COVID vaccination rate (UK) – Sept 2022

Is there a Correlation between Excess Deaths and Levels of Vaccination by Local Authority in England?

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This chart is for deaths with 1 vaccination for 4 1/2 months in 2022
Similar graphs for 2 and 3 vaccinations

  • "The R squared number is 0.225 meaning that between one fifth and one quarter of the excess mortality ratios can be predicted from the vaccination rates.
  • "I also uploaded the data into pvalue.io to get a p-value (probability value) for the data. This gave a correlation coefficient of 0.474 and a p-value of <0.001 meaning there was a statistically significant correlation between the excess mortality ratio and vaccination rates."
  • “There could be many reasons for this correlation. For example, local authorities with older populations are more likely to be vaccinated and other things are causing the excess deaths, e.g. lockdowns, long waits to access the health service. Another reason may be that healthier people decided not to get vaccinated and so are less likely to die from whatever is causing the excess mortality rates to rocket.”

See in VitaminDWiki: Excess deaths - 5 possible reasons - many studies

Would like to see if regions with high death rates in 2022 also had high death rates in say 2019

Imagine a chart that shows high death rates in regions did not change from 2019 to 2022

Imagine a chart that shows high death rates in regions in 2022 are not related to 2019

Perhaps just higher pop. density ==> high chance of getting vaccinated & higher chance of long-COVID

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