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Vitamin D and a Dr. in Israel - Campbell video and transcript - Dec 11, 2021


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0:00:01.5 Campbell: Well, thank you for coming back. And today we're talking to Dr. Michael Cohen, and I believe Dr. Cohen-U is Israel in telavi visit at the moment. As

0:00:12.1 Cohen: Trite, I work here as the GP.

0:00:14.7 Campbell: And I'm a nice win to recall, Carlisle, the North of England. And my name is John Campbell. Thank you, thank you very much for coming on. Now, why should people watch this video, Michael, what we're gonna talk about...

0:00:27.8 Cohen: Well, I think we should talk about the role of vitamin D and perhaps any other preventative treatments for covid. I had covid myself in February 2020 at a time when it wasn't even known to be in Israel, I didn't know myself that I had it, I thought I just had a bacterial pneumonia and I treated myself... I did an exerted blood test, I started myself on an antibiotic and I was a lot better within 24 hours, I then thought, Oh well, that wasn't very much, and then a couple of weeks later, I started having choking episodes in the middle of the night, and a lot of other symptoms that had developed over the next few months, and I'm a pretty fit person, I swim every day, and I noticed that my fitness was dramatically reduced and I was having a fast heart rate and stuff like this, and I literally didn't sleep properly for months because of the costs. Choking, developed a neuritis in one of my arms, it's an inflammation of the nerves, which is extremely painful.

0:01:50.2 Campbell: Like a pin of needles are like a too thank you feel or

0:01:53.3 Cohen: More... It's like a doll, but very severe pain, it just... Is there most of the time?

0:02:00.8 Campbell: Was that on your left or more you or you're right on...

0:02:02.9 Cohen: 'cause then I left on... Why'd you ask?

0:02:06.0 Campbell: Well, I just find it so disconcerting on... I get pains in my left arm on now, 'cause we want to... The positions don't wait.

Cohen tells his 1,500 patients to take Vitamin D

0:02:13.5 Cohen: This was definitely not... This was definitely not a heart-related pain, but lacked in my left arm because I'm right on hand, and if I've been in my right hand, I would have had a really difficult time of it. Sure, and during that time, I actually treated myself with a number of vitamins, intravenous vitamins, I even used hydroxy Chloroquine at one point, which did help a lot, and I eventually got through it, but around that time, I noticed the patterns of covid in the world. What was actually going on? And also people with darker skin, also in the UK, you had people in ethnic minorities were... You had doctors dying in quite significant us... Absolutely, and I just started to wonder, Was this because they were working indoors, no sunshine, darken likely to be dividend deficient and in a place like Israel at the time, certainly. And also, if you look at the global map, if you look at the latitudes, I can't remember, I think it's 35-degree latitude, countries that were in that were within that closer to the equator seemed to be doing a lot better. And so I started taking high doses of vitamin D, and I also told my entire patient population to do the same thing I was telling them on an individual basis, and it's not enough to go by scientifically, but I have well over 1500, close to 2000 patients easily, who come to my clinic, if not a lot more than that, and as many of them as possible, I told to take Vitamin D and I keep telling them, I keep reinforcing it, and I tell them what dose to take a ten to take Vitamin K2.

0:04:05.2 Cohen: And I was satellite zinc, and then I tell them to up the dose of zinc, if I actually develop any viral symptoms and I tell them what to do... And what I can say is, I've had quite a few patients with covid as would be expected. And I've probably had a handful who ended up getting to the emergency department and then being sent home with some kind of a treatment plan, I've not had a single patient admitted into hospital, let alone be on an intensive care unit. Now, I don't know what that means, but there were studies that came out soon afterwards, around a year ago, there was a study in Israel and one of the hospitals which showed the people who were getting very sick were deficient in vitamin D, and people who had high levels of Vitamin D. We're not getting very sick. And if you read a lot of the research, even though it's said that there's no treatment for covid other than monoclonal antibodies, etcetera, etcetera, it seems to me like we are missing on a very important point here, and I think the whole... The whole point of covid was from a medical standpoint, as we were told that this is, that all of our efforts are supposed to be there to prevent the hospitals being swamp, to prevent the ICU beds being blocked, and we do not have to ventilate is...

0:05:39.2 Cohen: We don't have enough staff. We wanna protect the NHS, we wanna protect every health system that we can, and yet what was actually happening was people were being sent home and just told If your lips Go Blue, call us again, or... That was it, there was no... There was no plan even treating, let alone a mild... The case... And I wanted to talk about that basically because in my humble opinion, this pandemic doesn't need to be anything like what... It's like what it is.

0:06:21.5 Campbell: And I don't think your opinions that humble actually a doctor because you're trained as a general practitioner in the UK and in Israel, you've got a lot of surgical training and a lot of accident and emergency training as well, so you've got a pretty good body of medical knowledge, and you've also very interested in preventative health care, I think on you, they're happy. Or disease can be prevented. So the dose of vitamin D, what sort of doses are you thinking about, and do you like to titrate it up to a particular level? Or how do you approach that?

No adverse effects from taking 50,000 IU daily for 6 months

0:06:56.0 Cohen: First of all, it should be noted that a lot of people are initially resistant when I mention this to them, I tell them, Look, this is not strictly only a vitamin, it's actually a hormone... It's a steroid hormone. It has a lot of effects on the body of different doses, there are estimations were by a doses of around 50,000 to 10,000 units a day, it's interacting with switching all and switching off up to 1200 genes in the body, and at Lords is lower numbers. It is known to be extremely safe, even at very... What are called high doses, there have been studies that have shown that taking 50,000 units a day for six months has had no adverse effects. I usually tell people to take 4,000 units if they're normal adults, but I also test many people's Vitamin D levels, and even in Israel where it's sunny, and people have quite a bit of exposure to the sun, I find quite a lot of people who've got low levels of Vitamin D, So below 20, some people, even below 10, the ideal dose to get them to would be between 50 and 100 nanograms per milliliter, so

0:08:10.1 Campbell: This is not a millimeter...

0:08:12.6 Cohen: A milliliter? Yeah.

0:08:13.8 Campbell: Yeah. In terms of nanograms per mil, that would be like... It'd be like 25 times, that would have... Be a lot higher.

0:08:20.4 Cohen: Yeah. Where

0:08:22.9 Campbell: It works out. Yeah, so 50 to 60 nanograms per mil. That's right. That is a very interesting piece of information... Thank you.

0:08:29.8 Cohen: Yeah, and I can say that, I don't know if I'm reiterating here, but I've literally not one person admitted into the hospital, they've all ended up coming back home from the emergency department. Now, my population does consist of both young and old, it's more skewed towards a young and middle age for sure, but again, the fact that people were not even being admitted into hospital in my population, it says something... It does, it's not the whole picture by any means, and I'm not trying to tell anybody that this is the cure for the covid, but if everybody was doing this, would we have anything like the current so-called justification for turning this into a global crisis?

0:09:22.8 Campbell: Yes, a population of 2,000 people get given the very high prevalence there has been of covid in Israel, I would suspect probably at least three-quarters of your patients have been exposed to the virus, probably even more than that, but probably 90% actually have been exposed and you would have expected one, a 2 or 3% of those potentially to be hospitalized, so the fact that none have... As you say, we can't extrapolate that from that to the whole world, but that is actually... If we actually did a statistically, if we did like a T-Test on that and compact your population to the population in Jerusalem or Damascus or somewhere that we're getting the vitamin D, I'm sure we would find a statistically significant difference between those.

4,000 IU - obese may need 10,000

0:10:08.6 Cohen: Yeah, I honestly don't know. I don't want to make any specific claims, what I can say is that the concoction of things that I've told people to take are extremely safe, I mean, far safer than most of the medications that I can think of, and I'm not the tools saying that they shouldn't get vaccinated. I'm not saying they should get other treatments if needed, but as a first line of defense, we should be dealing with people's immune systems in the safest way possible, now, we know the 25 milligram a day, a bit of zinc is extremely safe. You can take up to 40 milligrams a day without any ill effects for most adults, going above that, it can reduce the absorption of copper, so it's not a good idea to take that on a long-term basis. Vitamin D, you ask me What does... So most people, I tell them 4,000 units, but people who are overweight, they may need up to 8,000 and even 10,000 units or more per day, and the other thing I tell them to take a vitamin K2 it, 200 micrograms a day, every day as well, because Vitamin D does cause the release of calcium from the bones into the blood, and you wanna try and avoid any deposition of that in the wrong places.

0:11:33.2 Cohen: And that's it, basically. And obviously, the other things like getting enough sleep and getting outside doing sports, it's very much about looking off to yourself, but my concern is that all the focus has gone into putting the burden on the hospitals and even outpatient care, and we need to be doing everything that we can prevent this becoming a severe illness.

0:12:07.6 Campbell: And a lot of the focus has gone on to high-tech, very clever preventative treatments like these varieties, these vaccines are completely brilliant. We've invented MRNA vaccines and adenovirus vector vaccines, it really is clever stuff, that's real, but we have expensive clever things, if we could use the simple things as well as... But I would just do say we've got over half of the world has not been vaccinated yet, but... What are we doing for them? Why we... Indeed, so what really struck me there is I've only been to Israel for a short period of time, but I remember it was pretty hot and sunny, so if people are short of vitamin D in Israel, what must it be like in the north of England, Chicago in Canada, it must be right down in our groups.

0:13:01.3 Cohen: But the other thing to say is that the definition of what is a normal vitamin D is questionable in this situation, because one would normally say that someone's supposed to have above 32 nanograms per milliliter, but it seems from the studies that I've read, to have the best protection possible for covid and probably for other viral infections including the flu, you would want to have a level above 50 now, even if they get to 30 or 32, it's got to do something. Perhaps not as much, but I really... It's a cheap vitamin, there's no... There's pretty much no side effects of this, and it can do a lot...

0:13:46.5 Campbell: It is interesting, isn't it? The way that we need a relatively low dose to prevent the classic vitamin D deficiency disease of the 19 bricks, then slightly higher dose is a bit more... In a slightly high dose is a bit more, or slightly high dose was everything that triggers all the genes and the protein pathways that actually need vitamin D as part of its enzyme activity, it's an incredibly...

0:14:11.5 Cohen: It's amazing how much vitamin D is just vitamin D receptors. I just rooted in so many human physiological systems, every cell, from what I know, virtually every cell. So it does suggest that they have a purpose, and a lot of it is immunology, they're actually directing the immune system to work in a better way, if you combine that with zinc as well, which we also know has quite significant effects on viral infections and the ability... For cells to kill viral infections, I think there's really little to say, Don't take this concoction.

0:14:52.2 Campbell: So do you think the sink is a new Nemours as well, or do you think it's just that lack of zinc will cause the... You know, deficiency.

0:15:03.8 Cohen: I don't know the answer to that, and I have read stuff and it's purely my memory that's failing me at the moment to say exactly what the reason is, but I creative...

0:15:15.6 Campbell: This interview wasn't rehearsed. This is us as we are...

0:15:20.5 Cohen: Yeah, I didn't know what being interviewed... So one example would be hydroxy Chloroquine. So the drug that was derided at a very early stage, it seems that if you want that to work better, you give it with zinc, it seems to make the difference. You certainly don't want to have a situation of a zinc deficiency, and it is known, I have read quite a few bits of research that show that Zinc does improve the immune response to viral infections. And I can say anecdotally, I use it on a daily basis in my practice for regular viral infections, and quite often, I tell people as soon as they get a viruses, take 50 milligrams of zinc twice a day, and they do it for a week, and the Knox the virus on the head within hours, sometimes it's amazing.

0:16:19.8 Campbell: We're assuming there's two things there, the hydroxyl can kind of gate the zinc into the cell, doesn't it, and we know that these... So vitals, T-cytotoxic lymphocytes need zinc to function normally without the cytotoxic lymphocytes. Viral infection or something like killing otherwise. Yeah, that's right. So it's gonna... Absolutely. Unit that is interesting. So patients with viral infections, under the impression that they get an immediate benefit from bolstering their... Almost is working straight away, that's what it seems to me.

0:16:56.8 Cohen: I don't know if you've ever tried it when you become ill, but it can work very, very quickly.

0:17:02.7 Campbell: That is so interesting. Whereas the vitamin D to stand in, it needs to be metabolized, doesn't it?

0:17:10.0 Cohen: It does, and you need at least a few days of it beforehand, and therefore I tell people to just take it constantly, but to get good levels, you want to be taking it for at least a few weeks beforehand and seeing is... You don't know when you're gonna get covid, and you could get covid twice easily. I've seen many people with a cover twice, it's important to be taking it throughout, and you wait until you actually get the virus, it's already too late to even who receive high doses they have been given, they've done studies with 50,000, even 200,000 units of Vitamin D given as a shot at the time of admission to hospital, it probably does have some immuno modulator effect, but it takes time for it to kick in, it takes at least a few days by which stage the person could be a lot further down the illness with code. They could be onto a much later stage of covid whereby they already ventilated, and the whole ear of this is to prevent that... Yes, absolutely, we know have to be metabolized by the liver and has to be metabolized by the kidneys, and I can remember patients with renal failure, for example, who couldn't metabolize that vitamin D before we could compensate for this and the Adlai don't need loss and it's not a problem to take that amount of start be metabolized after metabolism, you've then got to make sure that it actually has its effects on the genetics of the body, on the immune system, and that presumably takes longer.

0:18:39.6 Cohen: Interesting, so part of the way this is working is switching Daiichi genes on and switching genes off, but ultimately these things take time, it's like when you take any long-term medication al-vitamin people off and say, This doesn't work, but if you've given enough time, cells themselves go through processes of being born and dying, and the body is constantly reproducing new cells and killing off of the old cells, so for some things to see in effect, You need to wait for the old ones to move along and the new ones to take effect. It's not like you're just gonna get everything happening overnight at the moment you've got a drug in the body...

0:19:25.5 Campbell: I think that's the next tenpin, isn't it? It's like if someone's very I in deficient and you start giving them a and you do a blood slide six weeks later, half of the red sales are little anemic things, and you are the half and nice big Popper. One is, is the new generation of sales... Gets the benefit from that?

0:19:44.7 Cohen: Don't get me started on in

0:19:47.7 Campbell: Are certainly a little bit on another occasion, Why do people that have a best... Need higher doses of vitamin D.

Some patients are taking 12,000 U of vitamin D daily

0:19:55.2 Cohen: It seems like the fat cells, the adipose tissue, I'm not sure that just in the gut wall, well, seems to store vitamin E or not to use vitamin D. It's not... Again, I've read the mechanisms of that, but I can't say exactly why, but they don't reach the same amami-D, not at all. So people being told to take even 4000 units and check their bloods and their vitamin Ds, oddly shifted, and I've got some patients on 12,000 units a day, and that's what gets them up into the 40 to 50 range bracket and others, you...

0:20:41.3 Campbell: Yeah, I think it does it. We learn probably at school that the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K didn't wear in that they can go into that, can go into the fact issues. Now, I'm very interested in that you're advising K-2 as well, which makes perfect sense.

K2 needed for D3

0:21:00.4 Cohen: My understanding is that the K2 would only really be necessary if you're taking quite high doses of vitamin D, because you need quite high doses of vitamin D to liberate enough calcium into the blood to even there even be a risk of hypercalcemia, is my thinking led developed on that yet, I think for our thinking is correct, but from what I can tell, from what I've read, you need at least 100 micrograms a day if you're taking 4000 units of IND and seeing as many people don't get levels of 50... Even with 4000, they often need 6000 7000 or 8000 units a day. I tell people to take 200 once they're going above 4000, but yeah, 100 is supposed to be enough. When you're taking 4000 units, you're only taking 1000 or 2000 units. You probably don't need it in khas.

0:21:52.6 Campbell: Interesting, now, I'm actually... The tablets, the captures I've got a vitamin caterer actually 600 microgram waters a... Is it a... It's okay to take one or two a week instead of one day.

0:22:05.3 Cohen: I actually don't know the answer. I've also never seen them soul a 600 micrograms, I've only ever seen The 100 and the 200 solo.

0:22:15.9 Campbell: Anything like that. Yeah, I looked at the 100, 200 and the 600 were the same price it. So I think if it's at Soli, but it is gonna be stored in the body for a period of time, I look, you look like you're a good, normal weight, so I imagine that it's a remarkably kind of you to say so, but I can assure you it's not the case. It's so simple. The thing that really strikes me about vitamin D and vitamin K2 is, obviously, you've talked about the medical reasons for it, but this kind of philosophical reasons here isn't me... When people migrated North in the Middle East, in Africa, we have dark skins, and then the selective pressure to become wide... I only know of two. The skin produces more vitamin D When you're white, and I think it produced more nitrogen keeping... The vitamin D is the big one. So that's a big evolutionary pressure, because basically, I think humans are kinda hung together as I don't they...

0:23:16.9 Cohen: Well, this is what we're led to believe. Yes, we are.

Vitamin k2

0:23:21.4 Campbell: We could spend a lot of time arguing about that, I think it's quite reasonable to say human beings, the design to survive, that could be another test... Can other ways to look at it. And the other thing is living in a simple situation, we would be eating animal products and the animals would be fed on grass, and of course, the vitamin K2 is made by bacterial activities in the animals got so must produce farming that the meat and the milk will have low levels of vitamin K, whereas in the natural 2 by the K2, because the natural situation, they'd be high levels of K-2 and then of course, from fermented food as well, I guess it would be normal to store foods for fermentation as well as his happens in an... For example, is this... You think that these measures that the vitamin E, vitamin D, the K2 in the zinc, is this going to work against a range of viral infections or a range of bacterial infections or in...

0:24:28.1 Cohen: I don't know the answer to that, but I expected, yes. I certainly think that in general, one should maintain good levels of Vitamin D throughout the year, not just in the winter, there's always the emphasis that, Oh, it's the winter time, this is when you need lots of vitamin D and the rest of the year... Well, we'll just ignore it. We've got enough sunshine. I can tell you that I swim one kilometer every day in the sun for nearly the whole year, and I don't these levels of vitamin D without taking a supplement.

0:25:05.5 Campbell: That is just so interesting. And if you are in the Israeli situation and you're not getting enough that... That speaks a lot. So if you've got dark color skin and you're living in Tweed and you've got basically a... No chance at all. I mean, it just makes sense if it's... Well, there is actually evidence that vitamin D does protect against influenza, I have read that specific.

Cohen has his patients take 2,000 - 4,000 IU of Vitamin D

0:25:31.0 Cohen: But if it's optimizing the immune system and the immune system is what combats viruses, bacteria or all the infections, really, it would make perfect sense that in the way I see it also, if you look at a lot of studies in general, especially when it comes to do certain vitamins help certain problems, you actually look at the doses that are given a lot of the time you're talking about quite minuscule doses, vitamin D sounds like a large dose pen when I tell my patients to take 2000 units or 3000 or 4000 years or Wow, it's a large dose site, but actually, these are not large doses, if you actually titrate them to the levels that they get to in the body, then they're not very large doses and the fact that these are guidelines, and even all, I think all government guidelines would say that up to 4000 units a day is perfectly safe, the fact that people are actually encouraged to take 1000, 2000 during the winter, it seems to be inadequate, and therefore, you're setting yourself up to fail.

0:26:40.5 Campbell: And if you think about a thousand units is only 25 micrograms, and there's a 1000 micrograms in a milligram, and there's a 1000 milligrams in a Grandpa's high, these are times when it's put into the international units, it's made to sound like some huge wapping, but it's really not... And I think that roughly... Tell me what you're thinking is on this, if you and I go outside the senior short, and we have... And it's fairly sunny, we have a reasonable some exposure, but well, short at beings unburned, I would imagine we're probably making about 20000 units in that hour to... Does that sound...

0:27:18.0 Cohen: I've read about this as well. I can't remember the exact amount that to make... And again, it will depend on the color your skin all to cue, because as we age, our skin's ability to produce Vitamin D drops dramatically, as interesting and you... It dropped, right? It does driving from the studies that over it, it drops are significantly, it's known... It's not a small thing here, the fact that you have all the people who do not reach good levels, actually a time in their life when they probably need to have good levels, is also something... I think the point about this is that we shouldn't be relying on outdoor exposure to get enough Vitamin D, we should still have outdoor exposure, but it's not enough to rely on it.

0:28:04.3 Campbell: And I'm just so reminded now of the two tragedies that you mentioned, that doctor's dying earlier on the pandemic in the UK, a lot of doctors who are working here who had been raped just go and die through coverage is just absolutely terrible at Goethe

0:28:21.6 Cohen: Made a lot of sense. So that was a sad... As that is, I made a lot of sense that Vitamin D is likely to be implicated in this, and if you've got people who are working indoors for long hours, not seeing some... Probably most of the time, and even if they were, they've got darker skin in high latitude country, this is not so surprising. Evian-D is implicated to this extent, and everybody should be on the especially early, especially healthcare workers, but really the whole population, including children... Yes, yes, and the new... The group of cork were people in their care facilities that particularly die disproportionately is an easy to say, I have the role that they had more co-morbidities that they also had... They also a higher chance of having a much higher viral load of the point of contact with covid, they're gonna be... If they're gonna be exposed to more and more people at close quarters, then they have a much higher chance that they're gonna get a high viral load of the instant when they catch it, and then they are more likely to become much more ill. And so it's just another factor in that, again, having vitamin D, Having zinc on board, these things are not saying that they're gonna cure everything, but really the whole purpose of our focus was to prevent hospitalizations was to prevent the NHS collapsing, to prevent all the health systems collapsing and what was actually done in an active sense, other than social distancing and wearing masks and going into isolation, these are important to some extent, but it's not enough, the person has an immune system, and what are you doing for their immune system.

0:30:12.7 Campbell: Absolutely, and medicine can only ever be an adjunct to what your physiology wants to do normally, cities... We mentioned vitamin D and immunity. Do you think Vitamin D is important for anything else in health...

0:30:26.8 Cohen: Well, apart from the fact that it's the key vitamin in preventing rickets, so we will know, is it important for anything else? It probably is. There are a lot of studies, a lot of them... I don't know how many studies have actually come up with meaningful results, but there are a lot of studies suggesting that it might be important in, I think... Heart disease, cancer, all sorts. And again, I've never read anything that suggests that it's even mildly toxic, I give a recent range is

0:31:03.2 Campbell: Something just occurred to me, you've said this can affect 1200 genes. And one of the amazing things that came out of the Human Genome Project just a few years ago was there's probably only about 20-21000 active genes in human beings. Right, so what we're saying is that 5%, 6, 7% of our dreams are actually fit in and dependent...

0:31:27.4 Cohen: I can't say enough of the science to say anything more than that, I certainly wouldn't wanna make any ridiculous claims, but that's already a lot number of genes, it is up to just look at the absolute number instead of as a percentage, it's a large number of genes, to be affected by one molecule, now.

0:31:46.4 Campbell: I think that your patient group does constitute a cohort, most definitely. It's a fascinating finding and... But when you have done Menton for a long time, like you have, you can... Can you do get a feel for what's working... I think, don't you... You see it in patient, after patient, have to pay it, you do kinda get a gut for you for it, and that kinda kind of consistent... When that is consistent with the science.

Vitamin D is dirt cheap

0:32:09.6 Cohen: Yeah, exactly. And when you're not seeing side effects, when you're not seeing any problems when it's a dirt cheap internally doesn't require much mental effort, and so many drugs and treatments we use, we have this term don't we call I Argentia, the harm that can be done by treatments, the harm that can be done by surgery, and they are quite significant at the side effects to all of A alter medications across the whole debate now about the side effects from the vaccines that we're using now, which is at... In terms of the vaccines, number one, I'm very much for vaccinating, but I'm not sure that everybody needs to be vaccinated in the way it's now going down to children and young children. I had not entirely sure what the rationale is for that or the safety... I certainly think that people at high risk should be vaccinated of all ages, and I think there needs to be a strategy for this, of course. Again, even with the vaccination, I think it's prudent to give someone vitamin D beforehand and after, I see some pretty severe side effects from some vaccinations that have occurred really quite severe side effects, luckily, I haven't seen anybody die as a result of the vaccine, but I have seen people have horrible neurological effects going on for months, and I think slowly, slowly improving, but I've got some patients or even a year on, this is not from the vaccine, sorry, this is from covid, but I've also seen simila*r things with the vaccine, and so I think it would be prudent for them to be getting vitamin D partly because the vaccines are thought to work even better, and partly because both vitamin D and zinc may improve the person's response to the vaccine in such a way that perhaps they won't have some serious side effects that I can't say for any certainty, but I don't see the harmony, that's for sure.

0:34:22.2 Campbell: It makes perfect sense because a vaccine is a central... And antigenic challenge, isn't it? You're just the same as being exposed to Avis, an antigenic challenge, if we know that these vitamin D receptors are in, we believe all the cells of the immune system, it's pretty well inconceivable to think that vitamin D couldn't... Couldn't have an effect. Is this catching on in your medical colleagues in Israel.

0:34:47.3 Cohen: A DDI think it's bit divided, to be honest, not so much because anyone's given it really that much thought, I think the usual response... And I can say this myself as a medical doctor who I've been practicing now for 20... Close on to 25 years. And I can say that certainly in the beginning of that time, someone had spoken to me about vitamins and their use in health, you'd probably be considered a little bit... How to say this? A little bit alternative. And I think that that may be the case for many things, and there are certainly research studies that show that certain vitamins may actually cause harm rather than good... Sure, but I think each thing on its own, and you have to look at that, the actual situation in the event of covid, you have a worldwide pandemic with a virus that's mutating with unknown effects in the beginning and quite a large range of potentially quite severe effects for many people, and no useful treatment for or treatments that are extremely expensive, and not much of an initial strategy other than just go home and I'm back if you get a lot more sick, it's about taking the wider picture, that's all...

0:36:31.2 Cohen: And about being sensible.

0:36:34.9 Campbell: And I like the way this fits into your whole philosophy of preventative healthcare.

0:36:40.0 Cohen: I mean, if we're not doing that, then what are we doing? Well, treating people when we get sick, we are reactive rather than proactive, like, but we know so much more today that we can do job. Then, why are we not doing it?

0:36:58.1 Campbell: Well, my hope is that this will get the message out to a... At least a small part of the world. We'll get a few people thinking about it. Talk to you on doctor, of course, we can't prescribe for you, we don't know you as an individual, but certainly encourage people to get their vitamin D levels checked and to consider the possibility of vitamin D deficiency and vitamin K2 and Zynga, while these are such common things.

0:37:22.0 Cohen: I mean, the vitamin D blood test is not cheap, and so health services are reluctant probably to use it on patients, but there are clear guidelines of safety and vitamin D steps... Any doctor knows. And you don't have to have a blood test, and even if you don't get tested, and even if you don't know what level you reaching these sorts of doses, 2000 3000 4000 units a day in an adult, they're not gonna harm and they're not gonna cause any toxics even much I averse wouldn't.

0:38:00.0 Campbell: And it's going to be better than it was when you were efficient.

0:38:02.7 Cohen: Exactly, and even if you're not efficient, even if you had a normal level and raising it a bit further, again, it's not gonna... Honour.

0:38:11.7 Campbell: Excellent point. Excellent point, because not all the world has access to these expensive high-tech options, whereas vitamin does generic victim to a generic. In generic, it costs. I get online from the supermarket... Right, Dr. Michael cone, that is fascinating. Thank you for giving up your Saturday after over us, and

0:38:37.6 Cohen: Thank you for wanting St in your lectures at...

0:38:41.3 Campbell: Not, just tell us how you are personally, after your covid took it a good few months, but you're fully recovered now or... Yeah.

Took him 7 months to recover

0:38:48.3 Cohen: It took me about probably close to seven months to fully recover, so I could see the progress of it because it is a day, you can see how you're actually doing, but for me, it was actually an interesting learning experience, and I'm able to translate a lot of that into how I treat my patients to some degree, anticipate things, sometimes you can literally smell when someone's come and you... All the symptoms and you start asking them more questions because he come back normally is like, Well, okay, well, when was that? When was your vaccination? Until you see the appearance of these incredibly unusual symptoms, neurological symptoms that seem to have come out of absolutely nowhere and an otherwise fit in a healthy person. And I read a recent article on one of the online medical journals saying how, oh, this was the problem with fitness, for example, due to de-conditioning, so as though someone hadn't been doing sport because they were unwell, but it does not then explain how... When they receive the second dot to the vaccine, that immediately went down hill again with Henin, an otherwise fit and sporty individuals, so there's a lot of questions around all of this, and I honestly think that keeping to the basics for us, keeping good nutrition, good sleep, staying active and a couple of these vitamins is not gonna harm anyone and is very likely to help a lot of people.

0:40:30.6 Campbell: And then worry about the clever things after that.

0:40:33.0 Cohen: We still hear you still probably clear things, you need the club thing.

0:40:36.5 Campbell: Yeah, of course you do.

0:40:37.5 Cohen: You don't need them for as many people... Frequently.

0:40:41.0 Campbell: Yeah, yeah, I'm absolutely at menin is for the sick... Yeah, Doctor, thank you so much for that. Absolutely fascinating. I'm sure there're lots of comments if you want to read through and answer a few of them as sure people will be delighted to hear from you, and I obey. Thank you very much for your sadly afternoon, we really appreciate it. And the mom would love to talk again at some time, maybe we could mention in and other things.

0:41:10.5 Cohen: At all means. Yeah, thank you. Okay, thank you.

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