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Excess Deaths in Australia jumped up in 2022– preprint Feb 2023

Australian COVID-19 pandemic: A Bradford Hill analysis of iatrogenic excess mortality

Wilson Sy Director, Biotechnology Unit, Investment Analytics Research

Huge increase in excess deaths in 2022

Chart of Excess Deaths vs Vaccination 5 months before


Australian official mortality data show no clear evidence of significant excess deaths in 2020, implying from an older WHO definition that there was no COVID-19 pandemic. A seasonality analysis suggests that COVID-19 deaths in 2020 were likely misclassifications of influenza and pneumonia deaths. Australian excess mortality became significant only since 2021 when the level was high enough to justify calling a pandemic. Significant excess mortality was strongly correlated (+74%) with COVID-19 mass injections five months earlier. Strength of correlation, consistency, specificity, temporality, and dose-response relationship are foremost Bradford Hill criteria which are satisfied by the data to suggest the iatrogenesis of the Australian pandemic, where excess deaths were largely caused by COVID-19 injections. Supporting this hypothesis also is the fact that the youngest 0-44 age group with lowest risks of COVID infection and death has suffered disproportionately the highest multiples of excess mortality with the advent of COVID injections - a result which is unlikely to have other natural explanations. Therefore, Australia appears likely to be experiencing an iatrogenic pandemic and the associated mortality risk/benefit ratio for COVID injections is very high.
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