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  1. Cancer diagnosis increased cardiovascular death 5 X in the next week – 2012
  2. Cancer Chemotherapy and vitamin D – Review March 2013
  3. Cancer treatment helped by Vitamin D, C, and E – Book 2017
  4. Cancer treatment needs Vitamin D, Selenium, and other micronutrients – March 2016
  5. Cancer with bisphosphonates was not helped by 200 IU of vitamin D – Oct 2012
  6. Chemotherapy (cisplatin) and vitamin D synergistically stop stomach cancer – Feb 2014
  7. Chemotherapy might be augmented with Vitamin D – Jan 2017
  8. Chemo drug (Nitrogen Mustard in this study) side effects minimized by vitamin D (mice) – March 2015
  9. Hypothesis – Chemotherapy can be aided by Vitamin D – March 2016
  10. If vitamin D levels were not changed, toxicity to chemotherapy did not vary with levels – May 2012
  11. Is vitamin D the only supplement which consistently helps cancer survivors – Aug 2010
  12. 3X less pelvic inflammation from cancer radiation if high level of vitamin D – Feb 2015
  13. Metastatic Cancer is maybe reduced by vitamin D - 5 articles
  14. 85 percent less risk of death from Breast Cancer when vitamin D levels higher than 30 ng – May 2012
  15. 20,000 IU weekly did not get 43 percent of Scottish Cancer patients to a level of 30 ng of vitamin D – April 2014
  16. Cancer - After diagnosis
  17. Cisplatin chemotherapy dose size might be reduced by Omega-3 – Jan 2018
  18. Breast Cancer Chemotherapy initially decreases vitamin D levels – May 2012
  19. Chemotheraphy not work as well with low Vitamin D (colon cancer this time) – Aug 2018
  20. Chemotherapy drugs often reduce Vitamin D levels, restoring levels helps– Aug 2018
  21. Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer lowers Vitamin D levels – Oct 2018
  22. Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D
  23. Chemo only as needed for Prostate Cancer is working well - March 2019
  24. Chemo reduced leukemia patients vitamin D levels – Jan 2013
  25. Children surviving blood cancer and vitamin D levels – Nov 2011
  26. Aromatase inhibitor chemotherapy after breast cancer not associated with vitamin D levels – Dec 2011
  27. Breast Cancer chemotherapy 2.7 X more likely to be successful if not vitamin D deficient – Dec 2017
  28. Breast cancer chemotherapy benefits from highest vitamin D levels – June 2014
  29. Breast Cancer Chemotherapy dropped Vitamin D levels by 6 nanograms – Nov 2015
  30. Colorectal cancer radiation reduced 2X by calcitriol (Vitamin D) with some genes – Aug 2013
  31. Hospice and palliative care – Vitamin D, CBD, and Medical Cannabis
  32. Hypothesis: Chemo brain and other cognitive impairements are associated with low vitamin D
  33. Less fatigue if more vitamin D (90 percent of palliative cancer were deficient) – Aug 2015
  34. Less radiation therapy needed if have more vitamin D (lung cancer in lab) – March 2017
  35. Vitamin D reduces hair loss
  36. Following breast cancer 100,000 IU Vitamin D doses helped a lot (standard of care 400 IU daily did not) – RCT July 2016
  37. Breast cancer reoccurred twice as often if have less than 20 ng of vitamin D – Dec 2018
  38. Active form of vitamin D appears to help prevent and treat some cancers – Feb 2011
  39. Breast Cancer medicine pain reduced with 4300 IU vitamin D – RCT June 2012
  40. Increased Breast Cancer metastasis if low vitamin D or poor VDR – Feb 2016
  41. Alemtuzumab treatment of autoimmune diseases has many side effects, Vitamin D should prevent most of them – June 2019
  42. Vitamin D after breast cancer diagnosis
  43. 2000 IU of vitamin D reduced fatigue of advanced cancer – RCT May 2012
  44. Cancer patients at high risk of vitamin D deficiency were not tested as often (paradoxically) – July 2014
  45. Digestive tract cancer death rates reduced a bit by a bit of vitamin D – RCT April 2019
  46. Good Vitamin D receptor reduced bladder cancer and cisplatin deaths – April 2019
  47. Omega-3 reduces side effects of Cancer treatments – April 2019
  48. Cancer patients 64% less likely to die if have high level of vitamin D – Dec 2011
  49. How I Treat Vitamin D Deficiency - for Cancer Mar 2010
  50. Vitamin D nanoemulsion etc. for fortification, pills, injections, topical and cancer – July 2019

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