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  1. Clinical Trial vitamin D levels and IVF success – May 2011
  2. Better sperm if have higher level of vitamin D
  3. Assisted Reproduction might be aided by Vitamin D – review Dec 2014
  4. Association between vitamin D and sperm parameters: Clinical evidence – Dec 2016
  5. Better erection associated with better Vitamin D – July 2018
  6. Feel sexier with vitamin D and-or sunshine
  7. Fertility and Vitamin D – several articles
  8. Fertility improved with vitamin D supplement, unsure if low D causes low fertility – Jan 2018
  9. Fertility marker (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) improved in a week by a single dose to 50,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT July 2017
  10. Higher vitamin D and 2X higher testosterone in summer than winter – Aug 2010
  11. High Testosterone is associated with higher vitamin D in soldiers – April 2015
  12. Hypothesis: increased vitamin D will increase erections and decrease CVD – June 2012
  13. Gonad hormone is associated with vitamin D level in adults– July 2012
  14. IVF 60 percent more successful if woman had sufficient vitamin D – Dec 2017
  15. Male fertility is improved in many ways by vitamin D – Jan 2014
  16. Increased fertility (ovarian reserve, FSH) associated with higher levels of vitamin D – March 2015
  17. In Vitro Fertilization (D5 SET ICSI) 40 percent more successful if high vitamin D – Sept 2014
  18. Infertility - 71 percent of the time of BOTH partners had less than 20 ng of Vitamin D – Aug 2017
  19. Infertility treatment needs to achieve at least 30 ng of vitamin D – May 2019
  20. Vitamin D associated with 60 percent better assisted reproductive success – Dec 2019
  21. Poor ovarian response (poor IVF) associated with low vitamin D – Sept 2019
  22. In-vitro Fertilization costs at least 10,000 dollars, Vitamin D costs 5 dollars
  23. Women with more than minimum vitamin D were 3.4 X more likely to achieve pregnancy and 1.6 X more likely to have live births – June 2017
  24. Erectile Dysfunction associated with low vitamin D in several studies
  25. Fertility of defrosted sperm better if had increased dietary Omega-3 – many studies
  26. Fertility problem (PCOS) reduced by vitamin D: many studies
  27. Conception and vitamin D
  28. Low fertility associated with low Calcium intake and low vitamin D – Nov 2015
  29. Low testosterone is associated with levels higher than 40 ng of vitamin D (U-shaped)– July 2014
  30. IVF 4X more successful for white women with lots of vitamin D – Oct 2012
  31. Many fertility disorders associated with low vitamin D, still unsure how much is needed – Dec 2016
  32. Many fertilization and pregnancy problems associated with low vitamin D in Saudi Arabia – April 2018
  33. Male infertility associated with low vitamin D levels – Dec 2012
  34. In vitro fertilization not helped by vitamin D if ignore high levels and male levels – meta Mar 2016
  35. Premature ejaculation associated with low vitamin D – 2018, 2019
  36. Fertility of men and women reduced by obesity and low vitamin D (perhaps synergistically) – June 2019
  37. Fertility (sperm) associated with vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2019
  38. Vitamin D and Human Reproduction – 51 page chapter – April 2017
  39. Fertility in both women and men improves with more vitamin D (but less than 50 ng for men) – Dec 2013
  40. IVF 50 percent more likely to result in pregnancy if high vitamin D – meta-analysis Nov 2017
  41. Male fertility 4 X higher if high Vitamin D – Nov 2015
  42. Conception within 6 months 3X more likely if high vitamin D – Oct 2019
  43. Infertility is also associated with poor Vitamin D Binding Protein – Oct 2017
  44. 60 percent more life births after infertility diagnosis if Vitamin D fortification (Denmark) - Nov 2019
  45. Fertility and Sperm
  46. Fertility and sperm
  47. 130% more piglets after giving gilt Calcidiol, a form of vitamin D – Nov 2012
  48. Epileptics have problems with conception - Oct 2010
  49. How 60 ng of vitamin D enabled pregnancy - a personal story
  50. Hypothesis – Fatigue the day after sex is due to deficiency of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc

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